How to propagate Maidenhair tree

Written by Maggie

Jan 11 2021

How to propagate Maidenhair tree

The simplest propagation of Maidenhair trees is to cut the 20-30cm long suitable branches, soak root powder and then cut them into the soil. You can also choose to soak seeds to accelerate germination in the spring sowing. Seedlings can emerge in half a month; Or it is to bud much ginkgo branch propagation. We also can choose to cut the cuttings after grafting, and can propagate Maidenhair tree successfully.

Maidenhair tree

1. Cuttage propagation of Maidenhair tree

For the Maidenhair tree, the easiest way to propagate is by cutting. Choose strong branches from Maidenhair tree plants, the diameter of which is best around 0.5 ~ 2cm, and then cut them down to 20 ~ 30cm long. The lower end of the branch soaked in rooting solution 1 ~ 2 days later, cutting into the soil, after watering and curing the root.

2. Sow propagation of Maidenhair tree

In the propagating process of Maidenhair tree, seeds can also be sown and propagated. The ginkgo seeds collected in autumn can be soaked in clear water to speed up the germination, and then the seeds with small germination are sown in the soil, which is covered with 3-4cm soil, and then they are compressed and watered and soaked in the soil. Generally, the seedlings can emerge in about half a month.

Maidenhair tree

3. Division propagation of Maidenhair tree

In fact, division propagations are also carried out for Maidenhair trees with more budding, but this is mainly aimed at maidenhair trees born in 10-20 years. In spring, the soil around the root of Maidenhair tree will be cleaned, and then its tillers will be cut out. Note that there should be fibrous roots on the top, and then the wound will be treated, dried and cultivated into the soil.

4. Grafting propagation of Maidenhair tree

Maidenhair trees can also be grafted and propagated from May to August every year, but it should be noted that grafting should not be carried out in high temperature and rainy days, and it should avoid the noon of sunny days. Select suitable cuttings, keep 2 ~ 3 buds and 1 ~ 2 petioles on the top, soak the lower end, and graft on the prepared 2 ~ 3 year old rootstock. After the incision is aligned with the film binding, after watering maintenance, such as its rooting on the graft successfully.

Maidenhair tree