How to grow and care for Japanese anemone

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

How to grow and care for Japanese anemone

How to grow Japanese anemone (Eriocapitella hupehensis)? How to care for Japanese anemone when growing. Japanese anemone is a perennial evergreen herb. Although its name puts many people off, it is inevitable that there are some very curious flower friends who want to grow one of these plants, but many people do not know enough about the proper cultivation method of the flower. Next let's see the growing and care for Japanese anemone.

Japanese anemone

Growing Japanese anemone

1. Growing soil and overwintering.

Cultivation soil with good drainage, fertile sandy loam or culture soil is better. In winter in the north, it is necessary to move into a cold room for overwintering, and the temperature should be kept above 0℃ .In the south of the Yellow River basin, the land can be open for winter.

2. Watering and fertilizing.

In the growth period, it needs thin cake fertilizer water every 2 weeks. Watering to master see dry that is, pouring is to be thoroughly, see the principle of dry see wet.

3. Propagation can be used as a sowing method or plant division method.

Because the seed life is short, it can be sown after harvest. Before sowing, rub the seeds with fine sand because of the hairs on the seeds and bond into a group of seeds. The soil for sowing should be fine, and the soil should be thin. After sowing, water should be covered with glass or film to keep wet. On the contrary, planting can be carried out in spring and autumn, and more in spring in the north.

Care for Japanese anemone having diseases and pests


1. Symptoms

Anthracnose is an important disease of Japanese anemone, which is a fungal disease. Occurring more in the season of severe heat and humidity, especially the season of high temperature and wet plum rain, excessive nitrogen fertilizer may also be caused.

At the beginning of the disease, the leaves appear small brown plaques, and then expand to become round or oval. The disease spot gradually dries up, and the whole plant is invaded seriously.

2. Care for Japanese anemone having anthrax

We need to open a window above all ventilated, reduce indoor air despondency and humidity. Reuse 70% methyl thiocyanate WP 1000 times the liquid spray, or spray 70% methyl tobujin 60% of anthrax Fomei, multi-bacteria, etc., to prevent the spread of disease.

Japanese anemone

2.Leaf spot


The pathogen infects the leaves, and the disease spots on the leaves are round, and then expand to be irregular big disease spots, and produce wheel stripes. The disease spots change from reddish brown to black brown, and the center grayish-brown.

2. Care for Japanese anemone having leaf spot

Removal of diseased leaves and drug control. Remove the diseased leaf part in time, spray the agent, the agent can choose 50% top bucine 1000 times liquid spray.

3. Blowing cotton scale

1. Pest performance

Blowing cotton scale often clusters in the leaf tooth, tender bud, new shoot harm, serious, yellow leaves, resulting in shoot wilting, so that pruning, the whole plant dies, even if there are still some branches and leaves. Also because of their excreta caused by coal stain disease and a gray black, seriously affect the ornamental value.

2. Care for Japanese anemone having blowing cotton scale

Check at any time, pinch female insect and egg sac with hand or tweezers, or cut insect branches, leaves. In the first hatched nymphs scattered transfer period, can spray 40% oxidized methyl fruit 1000 times liquid, or 50% kill boreline 1000 times liquid, or with ordinary washing powder 400-600 times liquid, every 2 weeks or so spray 1 times, continuous spray 3-4 times.

Japanese anemone