How to grow and care for Aechmea fasciata

Written by Maggie

Jan 08 2021

How to grow and care for Aechmea fasciata

Aechmea Fasciata is a perennial evergreen plant. It is often potted and cultivated indoors, which has a good effect on beautifying the indoor environment. Many people have Aechmea Fasciata cultivated in their homes. So how to grow and care for Aechmea Fasciata? The following are some Aechmea Fasciata growing and caring tips.

Aechmea Fasciata

How to grow Aechmea Fasciata

In the process of growing Aechmea Fasciata, it is best to choose peat soil, perlite and river sand mixed soil as nutrient soil. During peacetime maintenance, it should be placed in the soft light, with the temperature controlled at 18 ~ 22℃. In summer, it should be placed in the semi-shade, and in the bloom period, it should be poured into thin water once a day, without causing water accumulation. The following are details of how to grow Aechmea Fasciata.

1. Matrix treatment

Aechmea Fasciata likes to grow in a porous, breathable and well-drained micro-acid matrix. Generally, peat soil and perpearite can be mixed into culture soil. Some river sand can be added into the basin to fully stir it, and then an appropriate amount of formaldehyde solution can be used for sealing disinfection, so as to ensure sufficient growth and development of the root system.

2. Environmental management

Aechmea Fasciata likes light, but it is afraid of direct strong light. In summer, 50% ~ 60% of the sunlight should be blocked out. In winter, no shading should be used.

3. Water and moisturize

Moisture environment is one of the maintenance methods and precautions for Aechmea Fasciata. During the growth period, it is necessary to keep the soil in the basin moist often, and fill the cylinder with water when watering. During the flowering period, it is necessary to pour thin water once a day, so as not to cause water accumulation.

Aechmea Fasciata

4. Apply fertilizer rationally

In the young period to increase the appropriate amount of nitrogen fertilizer, from April to September each year is the peak season for the growth of Aechmea Fasciata, at this time it is best to apply liquid fertilizer once a month, mainly to the rotten compound fertilizer mainly. In the case of good growth, we can appropriately apply 1 to 2 times of borax fertilizer, and in winter when temperature is low, stop fertilization.

How to care for Aechmea Fasciata

Aechmea Fasciata in the summer is prone to scale insects, red spider mite, stem rot and other hazards. It is best that in the onset of the disease, cut off all insect branches, with a disinfection treatment, with the corresponding dimethoate or carbapenem solution spraying, but also often to strengthen the air circulation.

Aechmea Fasciata