How to grow Aeonium holochrysum

Written by Maggie

Dec 08 2020

How to grow Aeonium holochrysum

If one were to ask a young friend today what his favorite plant is, it would be succulent -- succulent plants attract a large number of fans with their fat, petite and colorful appearance.Today, I'm going to introduce you to the world of succulent, an Aeonium holochrysum!

Aeonium holochrysum

Breeding method of Aeonium holochrysum (Basic method) :

Optimum breeding time: Holochrysum Aeonium propagates best from August to October.

Optimal growth soil: Aeonium holochrysum enjoys broad growth conditions and prefers soft sandy soil.

Humidity requirement for growth: Aeonium holochrysum is drought-tolerant. Even in hot summer, it doesn't need much water and can be sprayed with a little water to cool down.

Optimal growth temperature: Aeonium holochrysum has no special requirements on temperature conditions. It can keep ventilation in summer and overwintering temperature around 10℃ in winter.

Best growth light: Aeonium holochrysum enjoys a sunny environment, with full sunshine, tolerance to half-shade and avoiding burning sun.

Aeonium holochrysum

Tips for breeding Aeonium holochrysum:

Application of fertilizer: spring topdressing mainly with nitrogen fertilizer, combined with phosphate potash fertilizer, thin fertilizer applied frequently.It is better to wait until the temperature stabilizes. For the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, fertilization around April (i.e., around Qingming and grain rain) tends to achieve immediate results.Fertilize once or twice a year if possible. It is not recommended to change soil to fertilize if you are inexperienced.

Watering point: pay attention to control watering.Do seeing dry and seeing wet.

The so-called "seeing dry" means that after watering Aeonium holochrysum once, wait until the surface of the soil is white, and the surface and internal soil moisture disappears, then water the second time, and can not wait until all the basin soil dry for a long time before watering.The usual method is to dip your finger into the soil to feel it dry before pouring.If the interior is wet, it is not suitable for continuous watering, easy to cause water at the bottom of the soil, leading to serious root rot.

The so-called "seeing wet", refers to each watering should be thoroughly.That is, water until the bottom drainage hole has water seepage. We can not water "half" (that is, wet bottom dry), because a pot of vigorous growth of the plant's root system is mostly concentrated in the bottom, water "half" is actually not watered.

"Seeing dry and seeing wet" watering method, not only to meet the water need during growth of Aeonium holochrysum, but also to ensure that the root respiration needs oxygen, conducive to plant robust growth.

Basin soil changes: it's better to take original soil to change basin, add a bit of nutrition soil again.Don't pour too much water into the pot after changing. Just keep the soil moist.In the choice of flowerpots, the main factors to choose breathable, beautiful, breathable flower pots can help Aeonium holochrysum plants to breathe, prevent root rot.Aesthetics is based on appreciation, artistic consideration.

Aeonium holochrysum