How to grow and care for Aeonium holochrysum

Written by Maggie

Mar 23 2021

How to grow and care for Aeonium holochrysum

Aeonium Holochrysum not only has the ability to absorb harmful substances and impurities in the air, but also has a beautiful and auspicious shape. So how to grow and care for Aeonium Holochrysum? Let's look down together.

Fertilizer care for growing Aeonium Holochrysum

In spring, apply topdressing with nitrogen fertilizer, with phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, thin fertilizer frequently applied. When we grow and care for Aeonium Holochrysum, it is best to wait until the temperature stabilizes. For the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, apply fertilizer in spring (that is, around Tomb-sweeping Day and Grain Rain), and you can often get immediate results. Fertilizer 1~2 times a year if possible. If you have no experience, it is not recommended to change the soil.

Watering care for growing Aeonium Holochrysum

Pay attention to control the watering. See dry as wet.

So-called "see dry", it refers to after pouring water until the soil surface white, surface and internal soil moisture disappeared, and then water the second time, can not wait for basin soil all dry for a long time before watering. The general method is to dip your finger into the soil and feel it dry before watering it. When we grow and care for Aeonium Holochrysum, if the inside is wet, it is not suitable for continuous watering, easy to cause soil water, and seriously lead to root rot.

So-called "see wet", refers to every time when watering should be watered thoroughly, that is, pouring to the basin bottom drainage hole water ooze so far, can not be poured "half water" (namely wet and dry), because a vigorous plant roots mostly concentrated in the basin bottom, pouring "half water" is actually equal to not watering.

Basin soil care for growing Aeonium Holochrysum

When we grow and care for Aeonium Holochrysum, we had better take original soil to change the basin, add a little nutrition soil again. Don't pour too much water after changing pots. Keep the soil moist. In the selection of flowerpot, breathable, beautiful as the main selection elements, breathable flowerpot can help succulent plant respiration, prevent root rot. Aesthetics is based on the consideration of ornamental, artistic.

care for Aeonium Holochrysum

Growing Aeonium Holochrysum care for pest control 

1. Starscream

It is a succulent plant mainly harmful to the family Euphorbiaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Compositae, and Liliaceae. When we grow and care for Aeonium Holochrysum, suck the juice of young stems and leaves with the mouthpiece, the damaged leaves appear yellowish brown spots or yellow fall off, this scar will never fade. Generally speaking, you can see whether there are spider webs on the back of the leaves, there are small red/white/dark worms, if there is usually a red spider.

Prevention and control means: When we grow and care for Aeonium Holochrysum, we can increase the environmental humidity, reduce and avoid spread, can be used 40 {bf} dichromate 1000 ~ 1500 times liquid suction, or abamectin.

2. Scale insects

The harm surface is very wide, often harm the leaf arrangement compact agave genus, twelve volume genus succulent plants, suck the SAP of the stem and leaves, resulting in poor growth of the plant, severe wilt and death. Its peak season is earlier than red spider, often in early spring already has a large population. However, it is also easy to control the place, that is, it tends to concentrate on a few plants, sometimes one plant is full of scale insects, but a neighboring plant is not a single.

Prevention and control means: When we grow and care for Aeonium Holochrysum, when the number is small, it can be used to brush away. In addition, it can also be used to kill 800 ~ 1000 times faster. Mixing a certain amount of carbofuran into the culture soil has a preventive effect, but only for 3 months.

3. Mealworms

The harm surface is not big, mostly occurs in the Euphorbiaceae, such as Caiyunge, tiger plum, jade kylin, Embroidery shrubby succulent plants, on the back of the leaves, causing the leaves yellow, fall off, at the same time to induce coal stain disease, there will be large ugly black powder, directly affect the ornamental value of the plant.

Prevention and control measures: When we grow and care for Aeonium Holochrysum, in addition to improving environmental ventilation, at the initial stage of occurrence, it can be sprayed with 40 {bf} oxidized dimethoate milk oil 1000 ~ 2000 times, and also can be sprayed with marathon 500 times liquid or dimethoate mixed with dichlorvos 1000 times liquid. After 2 days of spraying, the dead insects can be washed away with strong water flow together with black powder.

care for Aeonium Holochrysum