Aeonium holochrysum profile

Written by Maggie

Feb 03 2021

Aeonium holochrysum profile

Aeonium holochrysum is a succulent plant or pulpy plant in the genus Lotus in the Chrysanthemum family. Aeonium holochrysum belongs to the giant plant of the genus Lotus. Its leaves are fragrant, and the fragrance of the leaves will be stronger under full sunlight.

Aeonium holochrysum picture

Aeonium holochrysum

The growing environment of Aeonium holochrysum

Aeonium Holochrysum likes a warm, dry, well-lit and ventilated environment. aeonium holochrysum is resistant to drought, cold and sun exposure. In indoor breeding, it should be placed in a sunny position, and less watering, frequently ventilated. As for culture soil, it is better to have a fertile, well drained and breathable sandy soil.

Aeonium holochrysum morphological characteristics

Aeonium Holochrysum likes a warm, dry and sunny environment. It can withstand the temperature of -2C and keep the soil dry. The leaves of Aeonium Holochrysum will be slightly dull when the temperature rises. Aeonium holochrysum is slightly resistant to half shade, shade for a long time the leaf becomes pale and easy to elongate, the leaf rod becomes tender and weak. 

Summer is best not to be exposed to the sun, appropriate shading, less water. The soil can be grown on fertile and well drained aquaculture soil. Aeonium holochrysum grows very clearly in the cold season. In summer, when the temperature is high, it sleeps for a short time but not for a long time.

Aeonium holochrysum propagation method

Cuttage - based, cut a section inserted into the soil, it is easier to succeed.

Aeonium holochrysum

Aeonium holochrysum growing method

Temperature and Light

Aeonium holochrysum belongs to a pulpy plant, which likes light and is not afraid of the hot sun. The growth condition is relatively broad, has no special requirement to the temperature condition, maintains the ventilation in summer, grows as usual in winter at zero degree, is cold resistant.


Aeonium Holochrysum is grown at least once a week, sometimes more frequently, and in summer it is watered almost every two weeks. Too much standing water will rot the roots.


Fertilizer 1~2 times a year, if you are not experienced, it is not recommended to change the soil.


Aeonium Holochrysum likes soft, sandy soil.

The main value of Aeonium holochrysum

Aeonium Holochrysum can absorb harmful substances and impurities in the air. Aeonium Holochrysum is the "green giant" in the succulent plant. It not only has leaves flying like a flower, but also has strong air purification ability.

Potted: Aeonium Holochrysum, the giant in the palm of a lotus, can grow to such a large size that when the leaves open they look like umbrellas and are green all year round. It has high ornamental value.

Aeonium holochrysum