How to care for White Jasmine

Written by Maggie

Jan 13 2021

How to care for White Jasmine

White Jasmine is a great way to grow climbing plants. You can grow them on the side of a wall or fence in your yard, or you can grow them as potted ornamental plants on your balcony. Today, we’ll talk about the White Jasmine care in daily maintenance and White Jasmine care in winter.

 White Jasmine

Soil care

It is best to choose sandy loam rich in humus and with certain drainage capacity to raise White Jasmine. Specifically, it can be made from a mixture of leaf rot, garden soil and coarse sand,

Temperature care

It likes relatively warm growth conditions, preferably giving it an 18-30℃ growth environment. In winter, when the temperature is below 0℃, appropriate insulation measures need to be taken for it.

Light care

White Jasmine likes sunny conditions, and if it doesn't get enough light at normal times, it will have difficulty flowering.

Watering care

White Jasmine likes relatively wet soil conditions, not drought tolerance, and usually needs to observe the condition of the soil, once the soil surface dry needs watering it.

 White Jasmine

White Jasmine care in winter

White Jasmine is not cold resistant, so it is best to transplant the plants to a warm and ventilated place in the room when we care for White Jasmine in winter. Meanwhile, it is best to control the indoor temperature at about 10 degrees, and appropriately reduce the number of watering the plants in winter. In winter, it is best to water White Jasmine once every half a month. When watering the soil every time, just wet it and try to leave no water.

White Jasmine belongs to the Luteoceros family and has certain ornamental value. Some people will ask how to spend the winter in White Jasmine. In winter the temperature is low, it is best to transplant it to an indoor warm, ventilated place growing.

If conditions permit, it is best to control the indoor temperature at about 10 degrees. In winter, the absorption capacity of White Jasmine will deteriorate. At this time, it is necessary to appropriately reduce the number of watering, usually watering the plants once every half a month. Each watering can be poured along the edge of the pot in a circle, so watering should not leave water, and is conducive to plant growth.

In winter, White Jasmine can be transplanted to an outdoor environment with sufficient sunlight and ventilation for cultivation for a period of time, so that the plants can carry out photosynthesis by themselves. Before the winter, prune White Jasmine, and pruning is mainly on the plant long and disinfected branches cut off.

After each pruning can be appropriate to plant wounds smear potion disinfection, which can speed up the speed of plant wound healing, then pruning is to let the plant better through the winter. White Jasmine grows fast, so it is necessary to change the soil for the plant every two years, and the hands should be gentle when changing the pot each time.

 White Jasmine