How to care for Wax mallow

Written by Maggie

Feb 23 2021

How to care for Wax mallow

After learning the propagation methods of Wax mallow, now we will talk about the Wax mallow care.

How to care for Wax mallow

Wax mallow care for leaves wilted 

Wax mallow leaves are wilted due to root rot due to water accumulation from improper watering.In summer, proper shade protection is needed to avoid sunburn of the leaves caused by strong light. When applying fertilizer to Wax mallow, the fertilizer should be diluted and the wax mallow should be frequently turned to increase soil permeability to promote continuous growth of the Wax mallow. The following are Wax mallow care for leaves wilted.

1. Watering care

During the growing season, Wax mallow leaves will be wilt due to water accumulation due to improper watering, which can cause root rot. Water the Wax mallow thoroughly each time and wait until the soil is dry before watering. Wax mallow growth is encouraged by keeping the soil moist and proper water supplementation.

2. Light care

In the summer, the heat is intense. Long periods of intense light can cause sunburn on the leaves. The Wax mallow leaves will gradually turn yellow and shrivel, requiring proper shade protection. We should care for Wax mallow in a well-ventilated area with at least 6 hours of light per day. Adequate light encourages the continuous growth of Wax mallow.

3. Fertilizing care

During fertilization of Wax mallow, the concentration of fertilizer is too high, and direct watering causes Wax mallow roots to burn and leaves to shrunk. The fertilizer should be diluted to ensure air fluidity. Silt and gravel should be added to increase soil permeability and effectively promote absorption of Wax mallow roots.

4. Soil care

Wax mallow prefers loose, fertile soil. If the soil is cured for too long, the soil will become salinized and the roots will not absorb well and the leaves will gradually grow. Supplement the nutrients in time to ensure the soil is slightly acidic, turn the soil frequently, and add foliar fertilizer to effectively promote Wax mallow growth.

How to care for Wax mallow

Wax mallow care for leaves yellowing and wrinkled

Wax mallow leaves turn yellow and wrinkled, and it needs to be protected from the sun's glare. Fill the Wax mallow with water to keep the soil moist. The control temperature is between 20 ~ 30℃. When the environment is dry, water can be sprayed in the air and on the blade surface. Apply an organic manure solution once every two weeks to replenish the Wax mallow with sufficient nutrients. The following are details of Wax mallow care for leaves yellowing and wrinkled.

1. Shading care

Wax mallow leaves become yellow and wrinkled as a result of sunburn caused by exposure to strong sunlight. Wax mallow needs to be properly shaded and preserved in a well-ventilated area. This means that the Wax mallow leaves will continue to grow and become more green and lush.

2. Water supplement

Without enough water, the soil becomes dry and Wax mallow leaves turn yellow and wrinkled. We need timely watering, ensure that the soil is in a moist state, and do a good job of adequate water supplement. In summer temperature rise, you can water 1 time in the morning and evening, each watering thoroughly, to avoid waterlogging, causing root rot.

3. Temperature care

The optimum growth temperature for Wax mallow is between 20 ℃ and 30℃, which is conducive to the continuous growth and flowering of Wax mallow. The temperature rises, the environment is dry, you can sprinkle water in the air and the leaf surface, and do a good job of cooling and moisturizing. When the temperature drops in winter, the leaves need to be moved into Wax mallow for indoor curing to avoid frostbite caused by low temperature.

4. Nutrient supplement

Adequate nutrient supplementation promotes continuous growth and flowering of Wax mallow. When we care for Wax mallow, fertilization should be done in a timely manner. Apply organic manure solution to Wax mallow once every two months. The manure should be diluted and used. To avoid root burning, turn the soil in time to ensure the air permeability of the soil and effectively promote the absorption of Wax mallow roots.

How to care for Wax mallow