How to care for Pincushion flowers

Written by Maggie

Jan 13 2021

How to care for Pincushion flowers

Pincushion flowers have unique flower shapes and are of high ornamental value. So what should we do when the yellow leaves fall off during the maintenance of Pincushions flowers? Today we’ll talk about Pincushion flowers care for leaves yelling.

Pincushion flowers

Avoid sun exposure care

Pincushion flowers like the sun. When we care for Pincushion flowers, we need to keep the light, but it is afraid of strong direct sunlight, especially when the summer light is very strong. If the Pincushion flowers in the sun isolate, then Pincushion flowers will get sunburned, leading to leaves yellow. At this time we need to in a timely manner transfer Pincushion flowers to a cool, ventilated environment maintenance.

Watering care

Pincushions flower likes a moist growth environment, and sufficient water should be maintained during conservation, but we should pay attention to not accumulating water. If accumulating water, the roots of Pincushions flower will rot, and the leaves will turn yellow if they cannot get nutrients. At this time, we should timely discharge the water, strengthen ventilation, and quickly evaporate the water in the soil.

Temperature care

Pincushion flowers like warm growing conditions. It grows best between 15 degrees to 27 degrees. It's cold resistant ability is very poor, and we need to keep the temperature over 10 degrees in winter. When the temperature is below 10 degrees it will be damaged, causing yellow leaves. The northern temperature is lower, so it is best to keep warm in winter.

Pincushion flowers