Growing Greenovia Dodrentalis in spring

Written by Maggie

Aug 14 2021

Growing Greenovia Dodrentalis in spring

The Greenovia Dodrentalis are generally sown and propagated in the spring. Before growing Greenovia Dodrentalis, you need to use pearlite, peat soil, coarse sand, such as ashes mixed matrix, and requires the use of potassium permanganate, or carbendazim to seed the soil disinfection treatment. Put Greenovia Dodrentalis seed into the soil, put under astigmatism with careful maintenance, and need to keep moist soil, the air is patience to wait for the seeds to germinate.

Greenovia Dodrentalis Picture

Greenovia Dodrentalis

1. Configure the basin and soil for Greenovia Dodrentalis

The Greenovia Dodrentalis is farmed with a substrate of suitable soil. Generally we canuse perlite, peat soil, coarse sand, ashes and other substances as a matrix, and then use carbapenems to its soil disinfection treatment. It can also be put under the sun insolation disinfection, to avoid the harm of diseases and insects.

2. Seed treatment of Greenovia Dodrentalis

The greenovia Dodrentalis are generally propagated from seeds. First of all, you need to buy good seeds for sowing, generally we can directly seed into the pot soil, but if it is soaked in potassium permanganate for five minutes, and soaked in water for 1 hour, which can increase the germination rate of seeds rooting.

Greenovia Dodrentalis

3. Sow and plant of Greenovia Dodrentalis

In fact, the greenovia dodrentalis method is very simple in spring. The treated seeds can be planted directly into the soil, covered with a thin layer of soil, and covered with a plastic film. You can use tools such as toothpicks to poke holes in the plastic film, making the seeds easier to take root and germinate.

4. Greenovia Dodrentalis Care

After seeding the seeds of Greenovia Dodrentalis into the pot soil, the ambient temperature should be controlled at about 18 ~ 25℃, and the potted plants should be placed in an astigmatic and ventilated environment for conservation. Keep the soil and air moist or the seeds will have a hard time taking root.

Greenovia Dodrentalis