How to grow Greenovia dodrantalis

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

How to grow Greenovia dodrantalis

Greenovia Dodrantalis is a green rose that will never die and anyone who loves roses can grow this beautiful succulent plant and give themselves a rose that will never die. Let's share Greenovia Dodrantalis's farming methods and tips.

Greenovia Dodrantalis picture

Greenovia Dodrantalis

Greenovia Dodrantalis Care

1. Proper lighting

Greenovia Dodrentalis grows from autumn to late spring. In addition to the summer dormant period-appropriate shading, the rest of the time should be given enough sunlight. Lack of light will cause the plant to grow empty, resulting in a looser plant shape and thinner leaves.

2. Water the right amount

Although greenovia Dodrantalis will not die at around 0℃ in winter, its growth will stop. Therefore, it is best to ensure a minimum temperature of around 5℃ and a day-night temperature difference of around 10℃. In the dormant period of summer it wants to have good ventilation, avoid burning sun insolates, control water, want to avoid rain more, lest because sultry and damp cause plant rot.

3. Avoid standing water

Greenovia dodrentalis should always keep the basin soil in a slightly wet state during the growth period. Water accumulation in the soil and excessive drought are not conducive to plant growth, especially water accumulation in the center of the leaf cluster should be avoided, otherwise it will easily lead to bad heart.

4. Requirements for basin and soil

The greenovia dodrentalis turning basin is carried out in autumn. The soil in the basin needs to be loose, breathable, granular, and contains a small amount of organic matter. Generally, a small amount of peat or peat is mixed with vermiculite, perlite or other granular materials.

5. Fertilization demand

Fertilization is not a strict requirement for Greenovia Dodrentalis. Generally putting some particles in the soil slow-release fertilizer can meet the growth needs.

Greenovia Dodrantalis

Notes for The Greenovia Dodrantalis dormant period

1. Water

The watering is beginning to come down. Once a week, maybe once every 10 days or once every 2 weeks. Once the Greenovia Dodrentalis leaves are completely wrapped they can only be watered once a month, not thoroughly, but only a little along the sides of the basin.

2. Environmental

Greenovia Dodrentalis must be completely ventilated throughout the day. If the dormancy period is completely not ventilated, it will soon black rot, and the infection is particularly fast. It may still be good in the morning, but it will be dark at night.

3. Light

In the summer, cover 50 {bf} light, too strong light is likely to burn completely.

China has a vast territory and the temperature difference between the north and the south is very large, so the dormant period may not be unified. Generally speaking, you should pay attention to the temperature above 30℃. Leaf wrapping is an important part of the dormant period, and then the outer ring of leaves slowly dries out. When this happens, follow the above requirements. Still have the complete after waking also do not give immediately big water, still step by step increase water to compare insurance. If Greenovia Dodrentalis grows bad all the time, you can consider turning over a basin in autumn.

Greenovia Dodrantalis