Ideas about outdoor succulent garden design

Written by Joy

Sep 29 2020

Ideas about outdoor succulent garden design
Many people like to plant outdoor succulents in their gardens, but succulents are still difficult to grow and design, and it is even more difficult to make a wall garden. The garden should consider its beautiful scenery and the survival of multi-ball plants in the later period. This is very difficult and you need to take outdoor succulent garden design into account. So what is a wall garden? It is a living art of hanging walls, which can fully express the decorative style you need.
Succulent plants have the characteristics of slow growth and low water demand, so they are placed on the wall design, and they are succulent with a variety of aesthetic shapes and brilliant colors. Planting a variety of succulents on the wall will make people There is a new feeling. If you want succulent potted plants, why not try to design a small garden? First you'd better classify various succulents to create ornaments with different styles.
 outdoor succulent garden design

1. Prepare the old photo frame or other corresponding frame materials. 

Prepare the remaining materials: nails, steel wire mesh, splint gasket, etc.

2. Nail the two photo frames together

You can increase the depth of the photo frame to fill the soil, and do a good job of waterproofing at the same time.

3. Place a wire 

It's a good choice to place a wire mesh on the frame and nail it.

4. Paint

This makes the color of the frame more coordinated. It is recommended to apply waterproof paint. You also can create a frame that suits your outdoor succulent garden design, or you can buy one.

5. Collect the cuttings

It is a good choice to save 1-2 inches of the stems of the outdoor succulent and remove the bottom leaves. This will help the rhizomes to grow from the leaf nodes where the leaves are removed. When planting, first you should put the cut plants to be planted in the tray for two or three days, which is a little awkward and conducive to the recovery of pruned wounds and reduces the possibility of later wound rot.

6. Add soil

The frame net is placed horizontally in the grid and filled with a mixture of peat soil and granular soil, which has the characteristics of water retention and air permeability. You could fiddle with it through the grid. The grid and thick wooden structure are the place to hold the soil.
Of course, you can also replace the soil with sphagnum moss, which is beneficial to your outdoor succulent garden design. After the sphagnum moss is soaked, you'd better squeeze out the excess water, and then use tweezers to stuff the sphagnum into the fleshy frame, and add an appropriate amount of fleshy granular slow-release fertilizer.

7. Grow ourdoor succulents

You ought to put the stems of the plants through the grid and plant them in the soil, and then place the wooden frame horizontally in a ventilated, cool, and well-lit place, so that the plants can take root in the soil.

8. Design styling of outdoor succulent garden design

Flower lovers should pay attention to the matching of ourdoor succulents and design the style of succulent wall.