How to grow succulent plants in spring

Written by Maggie

Dec 02 2020

How to grow succulent plants in spring

Spring is the most vigorous time for succulent plants to grow. The intertwining and intersecting roots need to be pruned. Humus is selected as the substrate and fertilizer with slow-release particles is added.. Apply compound fertilizer every 20 days or so, and place insecticidal particles in the soil to avoid diseases and insect pests.


1. Root and soil for succulent

Spring is the most vigorous time for succulent plants to grow, so the twined and crossed side roots should be pruned appropriately. Leave them in the shade for 2 days, and choose potted plants on the soil prepared by humus, vermiculite and sawdust.

2. Fertilizer application of succulent

In spring breeding, succulent also needs to provide nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to the plants, so compound fertilizer can be applied every 20-30 days. At this time, the plants will develop in a balanced way. In addition, slow-release particles or bone meal can be added as basal fertilizer during soil replacement, and the root system will grow.


3. Disease control of succulent

Spring is the season of disease occurs, this time a large number of eggs started to hatch, it needs to be buried in the soil particles of insecticidal, also need to soil temperature in soil antivirus treatment,. The ehe eggs will cultivate the soil and effectively kill the bacteria, family farming succulent usually use boiled water pouring hot, sun, and the microwave these three antivirus ways.

4. Get plenty of light for succulent

The light in spring is relatively soft, and Succulent is a light-loving plant. It is better to place succulent in a well-lit environment. The more vigorous the photosynthesis is, the more carbohydrates will be formed.