How to grow succulent in summer

Written by Maggie

Dec 05 2020

How to grow succulent in summer

When curing succulents in the summer, provide them with ceramic pots that are breathable and permeable, and provide shade in time to prevent sunburn from strong light.It should also provide loose soil, turn over soil in time to avoid soil hardening, properly control water, reduce watering frequency, make it in a ventilated environment, and spray water in a high temperature environment in time to cool down, so that it can successfully spend the summer.


1. Breathable container for succulents

When raising succulents in the summer, provide a flowerpot that breathes and allows the roots to breathe and grow better.It is generally recommended to choose pottery basin as the container of summer curing meaty, which has good air permeability and water permeability and can prevent the formation of stuffy environment.

2. Shade in time for succulents

Timely shading is also crucial to how to keep a meaty summer.The summer sun is very strong, hot sunlight hits the succulents, which can cause sunburn.So in the summer, when the strong light irradiation, apply shading treatment, so that it to avoid strong sunburn.

3. Mix the soil and loosen for succulents

When curing succuless in the summer, it is necessary to choose the right soil, usually peat, perlite and granular soil in a 2:1:1 ratio.In addition, the soil should be loosened to prevent the soil from hardening and healthy growth of succulent meat.


4. Properly control water for succulents

Succulent plants themselves  water demand is not strong. In summer under the high temperature, the soil is very easy to dry, but at this time we cannot blindly watering, but pay attention to water control.Many succulents are dormant during the summer, and the need for water is reduced, so cut down on watering to avoid overwatering and blackening the water.

5. Good ventilation for succulents

Succulents should be placed in well-ventilated areas in the summer so that the air around them flows, so that they are not confined to a closed space for a long time, and eventually grow poorly in a stuffy environment.At the same time, the circulation of air will also make the growing environment of succulent plants better, reducing the growth of bacteria harmful to plant health.

6, Timely cooling for succulents

High temperature weather often occurs in summer, and succulent plants will easily die in the high temperature environment, so it is necessary to timely cool down for maintenance.You can choose to spray water around succulents to increase humidity and lower temperature for better growth.