How to Grow Pachyphytum Blue Haze Plant

Written by Maggie

Oct 16 2021

How to Grow Pachyphytum Blue Haze Plant

In the process of growing the Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' plant, perlite, cinder, sand and bone meal are selected as culture soils. During the growth period we should pay attention to ventilation, give full sunshine treatment every day, and water to keep the basin soil dry. In autumn, waterless and let the plants receive more sunlight every day to promote leaf photosynthesis.

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze'

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' Plant Soil Requirements

The substrate requirement is one of the farming methods and considerations for pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' plant. Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' plant has well-developed roots, and it is best to use a mixture of perlite, cinder, and sandy soil for pot farming. In order to better drain the root system, clean river sand particles and basal fertilizer can be laid on the top of the basin. The basal fertilizer is mainly bone meal.

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' Plant Light Requirements

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' plant is a light loving succulent. The balcony that should put plants ventilated during growing is best. In the summer when there is strong light, it can not insulate too long, only short for shading. After entering the autumn, the plants should be moved to a place with sufficient sunlight for maintenance, and the plants should receive more sunlight every day to promote the photosynthesis of leaves.

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze'

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' Plant Watering

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' plant roots contain a lot of water, and during daily maintenance, keep the principle of not watering, watering through, preferably with water. Water every other week during spring and summer. After entering autumn, spray water every 20 days. Do not spray water during winter to help plants survive safely.
Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' plant has ventilation and shade during the summer. Watering should be on the edge of the basin soil watering. Do not splash into the leaves, so as not to occur a putrefaction phenomenon. At the same time in the winter, keep basin soil dry. The weather is relatively dry under the circumstances and can be wiped wet cloth, in order to promote the growth of leaves.

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' Plant Pruning Care

Because Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze' plant is very strong, lateral buds tend to grow around the base during growth, which can affect root growth. It is better to cut off the head properly so as to promote the branching and make the plant shape attractive. After that, the plant can be pruned several times according to their own needs to control the height of the plant shape.

Pachyphytum 'Blue Haze'