What Is The Best Soil For Peace Lily

Written by Ivy

Feb 15 2023

What Is The Best Soil For Peace Lily
Peace Lily mostly occurs in cool climate, deep soil layer and fertile slope land. Peace lily is not very strict with soil. But in the deep, fertile and loose sandy loam, the Peace Lily bulb grows rapidly, the color is white and the meat is thick. Clay soil will lead to poor ventilation and drainage of peace lily, tight bulb holding, small individual and low yield, which is not suitable for cultivation.

The Best Soil for Peace Lily

What Is The Best Soil For Peace Lily
The soil used for growing peace lily is better to use the soil rich in humus, and the depth of the soil layer also has a great relationship with it. We should also choose the soil with acidic point, and it is best to keep the pH value between 6-7. We can't use sticky soil, otherwise it will cause poor growth of peace lily, affect flowering, and even wither and die. We can choose to mix peat, river sand and perlite in the ratio of 2:2:1. Such soil is suitable for taking care of peace lily, and can also increase beauty.
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Peace Lily needs soil with good drainage. If the soil has good air permeability and good drainage, it can significantly improve the nutrient absorption efficiency. Therefore, many hardened soils and poor growth of peace Lily are mainly due to poor soil air permeability. If the permeability of soil is not good, it can not provide sufficient oxygen for roots. Over time, peace Lily will dry up and die from severe hypoxia. If it is the problem of soil viscosity, it is necessary to adjust the soil structure and improve the soil permeability and drainage.


The composition of peace Lily soil can be prepared by mixing rotten leaf soil, garden soil and sandy soil in the ratio of 1:1:1. Peace lily is easy to attract insects. Therefore, we'd better keep it in a ventilated place to reduce the probability of peace Lily infestation. We need to replace the soil every 1-2 years. The new soil also needs to use good drainage, and also needs to be mixed with base fertilizer, which is more conducive to the growth of peace lily. Read More: How Long Do Peace Lilies Last


Peace Lily needs weakly acidic soil. When the soil becomes alkaline, it is usually alkaline soil dominated by sodium carbonate. The surface is gray white, like a gauze covering the soil. When it is wet, the soil is muddy. This kind of soil often forms smooth board land, which is very harmful to peace lily. Only when the soil pH value is 6.5 ~ 7, the soil nutrient activity can reach the maximum value. When the soil pH is acidic or alkaline, the soil nutrient activity will be greatly reduced.
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How to Make Peace Lily Soil by Yourself?

What Is The Best Soil For Peace Lily
We can use the following soils together to configure peace Lily soil. There are many specific methods. For example, red jade soil, coarse sand and coconut bran can be used in the proportion of 6:4:4, and the effect is good. (Read More: Peace Lily Turns Black - 10 Causes & How to Solve)
  • Coarse sand: adding sand to peace lily soil will improve the overall air permeability. Moreover, coarse sand also contains many trace elements, such as magnesium, iron and so on.
  • Red Jade soil: we can take it as the main preparation material and it is an indispensable part. It is formed by the accumulation of volcanic ash. It is rich in phosphorus and potassium, and the air permeability of this kind of soil is also very good.
  • Plant ash: it is also rich in phosphorus and potassium, with good air permeability. Moreover, plant ash can inhibit bacteria. Read More: Why Is My Peace Lily Dying - 5 Reasons & How to Revive
  • Volcanic stone: it has good water storage and air permeability, and can kill bacteria. In addition, it can be used repeatedly.
  • Vermiculite: vermiculite has excellent air permeability and is sterile. We can use it during peace Lily sowing and cutting.
  • Coconut bran: coconut bran is slightly acidic. We can use it when sowing peace lily.
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How to Repot the Peace Lily?

1. Peace Lily Basin Changing Time Selection

The flowering period of peace lily is from April to May. When the flowering period is over, you can repot peace lily, that is, around autumn, the flowers gradually wither, and the nutrients in the pots have been consumed. At this time, the effect of changing pots on peace lily is relatively small. It is also possible to change pots at other times, but we should be careful not to change them at the flowering stage, which will cause flower bulb to fall and affect peace Lily flowering. Read More: Why Is My Peace Lily Not Blooming

2. Remove the Seed Bulb

After the flower withers, peace Lily will gradually enter the dormant stage. At this time, it will grow slowly and cut off the branches, leaves and stems on the soil surface. Then use a small shovel to rotate around the flowerpot, loosen the soil, and take out the peace lily seed bulb from it. The excavation range is smaller. Be careful not to damage the stems in the soil to prevent affecting the later growth. After taking out the peace lily seed bulb, we can remove the original soil wrapped outside. If there are injured roots, they need to be cut off and coated with rooting powder. Read more: Peace Lily Root Rot - Signs & How to Save

3. Planting into the basin

What Is The Best Soil For Peace Lily
Select the flowerpot according to the growth trend in the later stage. If the growth space in the original flowerpot is not enough, you need to change a larger flowerpot, which is similar to the original material. The soil with good air permeability can be selected from the above configuration. After preparation, the soil needs to be disinfected and filled into the flower pot. We can plant the peace Lily ball and water it to maintain the later growth.

Can I Use Cactus Soil for Peace Lily?

You can use the cactus and succulents mix soil for peace lily. This kind of soil belongs to sandy soil with smooth drainage and moderate fertility. When we plant peace lily in the flower pot, we can use the same amount of peat soil and fine sand; It can also be used after mixing crushed pine needles and fine sand; It can also be mixed with rotten leaf soil and fine sand.