How to care for Peace lily plant

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Oct 29 2021

How to care for Peace lily plant

Too little light will lead to Peace lily leaves a soft droop, and we need to enhance the light. It may also be because of too much light, sunburn leaves. In summer, it should also be appropriate shade If the root rots because of excessive water and fertilizer, the root needs to be cut off and replanted. If it is caused by diseases and insect pests, apply a bactericidal solution or insecticide to spray control according to the condition.

Peace lily leaves become black, likely to be caused by the strong light made in the summer. It needs careful maintenance in the shade. If caused by improper watering,we need to control water quantity, and can be watered once a week. If caused by improper fertilization, replace soil conservation, two seasons every half a month in the spring and autumn day an organic fertilizer. If suffering from diseases and insect pests, we should improve the ventilation environment, spray and corresponding control diseases and pests.

What if the tip of peace lily leaves turns yellow and dry during maintenance? This is generally caused by improper maintenance, as long as the cause is found, the leaves can generally be quickly restored to normal.

Peace Lily
Peace Lily - Most Common House Plant

Caring for Peace Lily leaves drop

1. Adjust the light for Peace Lily

Peace Lily should not be kept in a dark place for a long time. Lack of light will make the leaves of peace Lily dim. Keep it in a sunny place, but not in direct sunlight for long periods of time.

Too much light can burn the leaves, causing them to turn yellow and wither. If the peace Lily leaves sag due to sunburn, you can move them to a semi-overcast or light-scattering location. If the temperature is too high, you can sprinkle some water on the leaf.

2. Stop watering for Peace Lily

Too much watering will make Peace Lily root rot, from bottom to top affect the growth of the leaves, so that the phenomenon of soft leaves droop.If you find it in time, just stop watering and leave it in a well-ventilated place to dry the pot. If the situation is serious need to remove the plant from the pot, cut off the root disinfection after recultivation.

3. Change pots and soil for Peace Lily

Wrong fertilization method will also affect the growth of Peace Lily. If unripe raw fertilizer is used, or if the concentration of fertilizer is too high or the amount of fertilizer is too large, Peace Lily can't fully absorb it, which will cause the fertilizer to produce heat in the pelvic floor fermentation and burn the root system. This situation requires cleaning the roots, replacing the soil and replanting.

4. Spray for Peace Lily

Poor growing conditions make plants susceptible to diseases and pests. Common diseases such as black rot, leaf spot, etc.. It can be sprayed with 500 times the solution of dormancy bacteria or 1000 times the solution of chlorothalonil. Not only are the leaves sprayed, but the soil also needs to be watered to detoxify.

Common bugs are starscream, scale insects, and so on. Less insects can be directly with bamboo sticks and other tools to scrape off, too much of the need to use special insecticide to kill the insects. Pests and diseases are mainly caused by high temperature and humidity.Caused by poor ventilation. Therefore, to ensure that the temperature is appropriate, good ventilation can also play a preventive role.

Peace Lily
Peace lily is one of the plants that can grow in water

Caring for Peace Lily leaves black

1. Summer shade for Peace Lily

Generally, the blackness of peace Lily's leaves is probably caused by too much light. It is necessary to move peace Lily to a cool and ventilated place for careful maintenance. Cut off the blackened leaves in time and spray water to make peace Lily recovers gradually.

2. Control the amount of water for Peace Lily

Usually, if not much fertilization, it will make peace Lily leaves blackened, which will reduce the ornamental value of Peace Lily. If watering is too much, the rotten roots and black leaves should be cut off in time, and then the soil should be replaced for conservation. If watering is too little, it is necessary to water them immediately.

3. Apply fertilizer rationally for Peace Lily

Peace Lily fertilizing too much will produce a large number of bacteria in the basin, which may make the peace Lily leaves turn black. Therefore, the fertilizer in the soil should be diluted immediately, or the soil should be directly replaced for conservation, so that the peace Lily leaves will gradually regain vitality. Generally, organic fertilizer should be applied every half a month in spring and autumn and two seasons.

4. Disease and insect pest control for Peace Lily

Peace Lily leaves will also become black when suffering diseases and insect pests. What should we do about the blackening of peace Lily leaves? We need to improve its growing environment, cut off all the diseased leaves, and spray corresponding insecticides to prevent diseases and insect pests, so as to restore the color of peace Lily leaves.

Peace Lily

Caring for Peace Lily leaf tip yellow dry

1. Suitable air humidity for Peace Lily

Peace Lily likes a wet environment. If the environment humidity is low and the air is very dry, it will easily cause the tip of the leaf to become yellow and dry, and the whole plant will also appear in the state of wilting, without spirit.

Solution: In addition to ordinary watering, always spray water mist to the leaves of Peace Lily, especially in the high temperature in summer and dry climate in winter, always spray water to moisturize. We can also use a plastic bag that will peace Lily cover, above a small hole, generally also can quickly recover.

2. Light for Peace Lily

In summer, if Peace Lily suffers long-term direct glare, it will lead to serious leaf water loss, resulting in yellowish and dry tip, and in serious cases, it will also lead to leaf burn and wilt.

Solution: Peace Lily likes the semi-shade environment, must properly shade the summer bright light.If you're exposed to too much light, put it in a cool, well-ventilated place and spray the leaves with water mist to cool them.

3. Temperature for Peace Lily

The temperature most suitable for peace lily growth is about 20 ~ 28℃. During curing, if the temperature is higher than 35℃ or lower than 5℃ for a long time, it will also cause the tip of the leaf to become yellow and dry.

Solution: The temperature is too high to be appropriate to cool down, move it to a cooler place to spend the summer.If the temperature is too low, move it indoors to a warm place for the winter.

4. Fertilizer for Peace Lily

When fertilizing Peace Lily, excessive fertilization may cause harm to Peace Lily and cause root burning.In this case, the plant will not be able to grow properly, the plant will wither the tip of the leaf will appear dry.

Solution: If it is too much fertilizer, be sure to dilute the soil fertility in a timely manner. You can put a lot of water into the soil and get rid of the excess fertility. Then dry the soil in the basin.

Peace Lily

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