How to grow and care for Peace lily

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

How to grow and care for Peace lily

When growing Peace lily, it is necessary to maintain a warm environment with a temperature of 22 ~ 28℃, and do a good job in semi-shade curing to make it receive sufficient scattered light. Water Peace lily every 2 ~ 3 days and fertilize it every 1 ~ 2 weeks to make it grow sturdily. Pay attention to spray water to moisturize and control water when the air is dry, and place it in the ventilated place to prevent diseases and insect pests.

Peace lily
Peace Lily - Most Common House Plant

How to grow Peace lily

1. Soil for growing Peace lily

The garden soil, peat soil and perlite can be mixed into breeding soil in a certain proportion.The breeding soil made of these three kinds of soil has certain breathability, drainage and looseness, which is most suitable for planting Peace Lily. In addition, we had better disinfect the soil after it has been prepared.

2. Light for growing Peace lily

But photophobia is one of the characteristics of Peace Lily, so we'd better provide astigmatism light, especially in the hot season of summer. In summer, we need to breed peace lily in the airy astigmatism place, so that we can not only absorb sunlight but also have fresh air. In the winter, we need to move it to full light and use the warm light to protect it from the cold.

3, Water for Peace lily 

Peace Lily needs more water, so it is better to be wet when watering. However, it should be noted that there should be no water while keeping the soil moist, because water in the soil will lead to root rot of Peace Lily, which will lead to yellow leaves.In addition, the amount of water needed to be combined with changes in temperature. Water more in the summer and less in the winter.

4. Trim for Peace lily 

Peace Lily is usually replaced once a year or twice a year. During this time, we need to prune the roots of peace Lily to remove the dead and rotting ones.In addition, the new soil should be disinfected once, so as to eliminate the eggs in the soil, thereby fundamentally reducing the probability of falling ill with Peace Lily.

Peace lily
Peace lily is one of the plants that can grow in water

How to care for Peace lily

(1) Keep moisture and control water for Peace lily

The air is too dry to make Peace Lily leaves dry and yellow. Water should be sprayed around it from time to time to increase the air humidity and make it grow better. And pay attention to the control of watering, to avoid accumulation of water so that the roots rot.

(2) Pest and disease control of Peace lily

When growing Peace Lily, pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests, it is easy to appear root rot, anthrax and other diseases and insect pests, so that its poor growth and even death. Peace lily should be placed in a ventilated position, maintain the health of the growth environment, and regularly spraying liquid for prevention and control.

Peace lily

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