How to take care of Peace lily

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Oct 29 2021

How to take care of Peace lily

In recent years, Peace Lily is very popular, not only because of its beauty, but also because of its good breeding of flowers and plants. It is the first choice for many friends to breed flowers at home. But when growing Peace Lily, we need to know some skills. Today we'll talk about how to take care of Peace Lily.

Peace Lily
Peace Lily - Most Common House Plant

How to take care of Peace Lily leaves blackening

Peace Lily leaves blackening is related to light, water and fertilizer. If there is not enough light, it can not form more chlorophyll, the leaves will hang black. If you water too much, the root system rots, and its leaves lack nutrients, they will dry out and turn black or yellow. If peace lily doesn't have enough fertilizer, especially nitrogen, the plant will lack nutrients and won't be able to promote the formation of chlorophyll, so leaves will turn black. Here is how to take care of Peace Lily leaves blackening.

Peace Lily needs light during the growth period. If the light is insufficient, the plant will be in a dark position for a long time without sufficient light to carry out photosynthesis, which will cause the leaves to lose luster and become low-hanging black. If light is insufficient, move the plant to a well-lit location to give the plant plenty of light, but avoid hot sun exposure during the summer.

Peace Lily is afraid of flooding. If you water too much, the bottom of the basin will accumulate water, which will make the root rot. When the root system is damaged, the leaves turn yellow or black. If watering is too much, you should turn the soil for the plant in time, and then put Peace Lily in a warm and ventilated place, so that the water can be quickly evaporated.If the situation is serious, the soil needs to be replaced and replanted.

The leaves of Peace Lily are large. During its growth, sufficient fertilizer should be provided to provide nutrients for it, so as to ensure the bright green color of the leaves. If there is insufficient fertilizer, the leaves will turn yellow. If fertilizer is insufficient, you need to fertilize the plant in time, as far as possible to apply thin fertilizer liquid, can apply nitrogen fertilizer or compound fertilizer, fertilizer concentration is not too high, often apply thin fertilizer.

During growing, in addition to light, moisture and fertilizer, appropriate temperature and humidity are required. Peace Lily likes high temperature. The temperature suitable for plant growth is between 22 and 28 degrees. In winter, the temperature is above 10 degrees. During summer, when the air is dry, it is necessary to increase the humidity of the air. Sprinkle appropriate amounts of water around the plants and leaves for cooling and moisturizing.

Peace Lily
Peace lily is one of the plants that can grow in water

How to take care of Peace Lily leaves drooping

As long as most of the conservation methods are adopted, the drooping of Peace Lily leaves can be restored. In breeding, the drooping of Peace Lily leaves may be caused by too much light or too much watering. In this case, corresponding measures should be taken according to different situations. When the light is too strong, plants should be moved to the indoor environment of half shade in time. Stop watering when you overwater and drain the excess water. Here is how to take care of Peace Lily leaves drooping.

Peace Lily belongs to the araceae perennial herbs, often as a family potted plant, some people will ask how to take care of peace lily leaves drooping? Peace Lily leaf droop can be restored with proper maintenance. Peace Lily leaf droop can be caused by too much light or too much watering.

When the excessive light causes the Peace Lily leaves to sag, the plant should be transplanted to the indoor semi-shade and ventilated environment for curing in a timely way. After the plant gets used to the new environment, the leaves will return to normal. Peace Lily likes light but not strong light, usually when planting can put the plant in the environment of sufficient light, strong light to appropriate shade.

If watering too much causes the Peace Lily leaves to sag, stop watering and drain the excess water out of the soil. It's best to move the plant to a well-lit area for growing. Light can accelerate the speed of water evaporation, Peace Lily is very strict to water, you can according to the change of the soil to water the plant.

Growing Peace Lily only needs proper watering when the soil turns white. It is not necessary to water the soil when it is wet. growing peace lily can also water the plants according to the principle of "no watering, but watering through". Soil deterioration during planting will also lead to plant leaf droop. At this time, it is necessary to timely replace the appropriate soil growing Peace Lily.

Peace Lily

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