How to propagate Peace lily

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

How to propagate Peace lily

Peace lily(Spathiphyllum Kochii Engl) is a perennial herb, originally from tropical America, which likes high temperature, humidity and semi-shade environment. It is an important ornamental flower in the world. Since the beginning of the 20th century, it has been applied to potted ornamental flowers.

Peace lily
Peace Lily - Most Common House Plant

Peace lily plant division propagation method

The plant division propagation of Peace lily is carried out in spring and autumn every year. The temperature is appropriate, which is conducive to the survival rate of the Peace lily. Gently tap the edge of the pot with your hand to remove peace lily from the pot, taking care not to damage the roots. At the plain stem, cut into sections to ensure that each plant has more than three stems and buds.

The wound area of peace lily plant is coated with charcoal ash, pasteurized and disinfected, and placed in a ventilated and cool place. After the wound is dried, the plant is planted in loose and fertile soil to ensure the air permeability of the soil. Silt can be added.

During the later curing of Peace lily, watering is required to keep the soil moist and allow the plants to adapt to the environment. Water Peace lily thoroughly to avoid root rot caused by stagnant water. Water once a day in the summer, along the edge of the pot, without flooding.

Peace lily is fragile after transplanting and needs proper shade protection to avoid sunburn caused by strong light. Maintain Peace lily in a well-ventilated area to ensure light scattering. During the growing period of Peace lily, appropriate nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be applied to ensure adequate nutrient supplementation.

Peace lily
Peace lily is one of the plants that can grow in water

Peace lily sowing propagation method

Seed propagation is another Peace lily propagation method, but it has a difficulty, for the need of artificial pollination. We need special instructions, white flakes content is not, in the middle of the bumps is a flower, so the flower is small, the flower pollen, with a clean brush daub pollination is working on the flowers.

Peace lily tissue culture propagation method

Tissue culture propagtion of Peace lily has many advantages. But so far, the transformation method is not widely used at home, only will be used in the experiment. The general transformation method is first planted in plastic containers, when it  grows up to 4 to 5 points of the reentry after leaf plant, and then after 3-4 times in a basin of transplanting, such as seedling conventionally grown on 30 cm tall.

Peace lily

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