How Much Light Does a Peace Lily Required

Written by Ivy

Feb 15 2023

How Much Light Does a Peace Lily Required
Peace Lily likes the soft indirect sunlight. It is also resistant to strong light and semi cool places. Insufficient light will cause Peace Lily flower buds to fall off and reduce the number of flowers. The light is sufficient, peace lily is strong and short, and the flowers are bright. If the light time is increased by 6 hours every day, it can bloom early; On the contrary, if the light time decreases, the flowering will be delayed.

Do Peace Lilies Need Sunlight?

Peace Lily likes to grow in a sunny environment. Peace Lily needs to be exposed to the sun. If it is maintained in the dark for a long time, resulting in insufficient light, peace lily is prone to overgrowth and non flowering. Therefore, during its growth, it is best to have no less than 6 hours of light every day. Although peace Lily needs to be exposed to the sun, it is not resistant to strong light irradiation. If the light is too strong, it is prone to yellowing and drying. Therefore, when we maintain peace Lily in summer, we need to shield it from strong light. At this time, let peace lily have scattered light irradiation, so that peace Lily can grow healthily. (Read more about taking care of peace lily.)

What is the Best Light for Peace Lily?

Peace lily has different requirements for light at different growth stages, but peace Lily can accept indirect sunlight. Peace Lily likes weak light conditions in the seedling emergence stage and light in the vegetative growth stage. Insufficient light has an impact on peace Lily's growth and bulb expansion, especially in the budding and flowering stage. If the light is too weak, the flower buds are easy to fall off, but she is afraid of high temperature and strong light in summer, causing early withering and yellowing of stems and leaves. Peace lily is a plant with long sunshine, which can blossom in advance by prolonging sunshine; If the sunshine is insufficient or shortened, flowering will be delayed. Read More: Why Is My Peace Lily Not Blooming

Summer and Winter Light

When propagating peace lily potted plants in summer, if they are directly exposed to strong light, the plants will be burned, resulting in wilting and yellow flowers and leaves of peace lily. We need to place the peace Lily potted plants in the scattered light to promote their healthy growth, or build a shading net on the peace Lily potted plants to block the sun.
The light is mild in spring and autumn and winter. When cultivating peace Lily potted plants at this time, it is necessary to place them in a bright place, so that the plants can receive more than 6 hours of light every day, promote peace Lily photosynthesis, and rotate the peace Lily potted plants every half a month to make them receive light evenly. (Read More: Peace Lily Turns Black - 10 Causes & How to Solve)

Where to Place the Peace Lily in House?

1. Balcony

Peace Lily likes to grow in a sunny environment. Good lighting conditions can make the flowers bloom more and the aroma stronger. Therefore, if you want to raise peace lily at home, you can choose a bright and well lit place in the house, and the balcony is the best choice at this time. However, when the sun is too strong in summer, pay attention to appropriate shading to prevent sunburn. Read More: Why Is My Peace Lily Dying - 5 Reasons & How to Revive

2. Living Room

Putting peace Lily in the living room is the most suitable place at home. The living room is the most important place at home, so anger is important. At this time, if you raise a pot of lilies, the strong aroma and beautiful flower shape will instantly bring a lot of vitality to the living room and make people feel comfortable. In addition, putting peace Lily here can also improve the fortune of the family. Water also represents wealth in Feng Shui. Where there is water, there is wealth, so putting it at home can attract a lot of wealth. Finally, peace Lily can promote the relationship between husband and wife and keep the relationship unchanged for a long time. Therefore, keeping peace Lily in the living room is the best choice.

3. Bedroom

Peace Lily can actually be placed in the bedroom, which can bring a poetic beauty and romantic color to the room, but it is not advocated, because peace Lily will release toxic substances when flowering, which will have an impact on people's health.
How many hours of sunlight does a peace lily need?
Under insufficient light, peace Lily will not bloom. How many hours of light does peace Lily need every day? We'd better move the non flowering peace Lily out of the dark environment. An hour of light every day will make peace lily blossom immediately, but we should also water and fertilize appropriately. Only in this way can peace lily blossom faster.
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Problems Caused by Improper Light

How Much Light Does a Peace Lily Required

Leggy Growth

If peace lily has leggy growth, we should provide peace lily with sufficient sunshine, raise it in a place with good light, improve the lighting conditions, promote photosynthesis, accumulate nutrients and promote flowering. We also need to water peace lily a little, but control the amount of water and don't have a lot of water in the soil. Before peace Lily blooms, we should reduce the use of nitrogen fertilizer, apply a little phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, and spray potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution. You can also give peace Lily hormone drugs such as chloramphenicol. Read More: How Long Do Peace Lilies Last

Yellow/Brown Leaves

If the lack of light leads to the unfavorable growth of peace Lily and the Yellow / brown leaves of the plant. We can place peace Lily in a sunny environment, indoors on a sunny windowsill or balcony. The daily illumination time shall not be less than 3 hours, but we should ensure that peace Lily receives scattered light, because placing peace Lily in a place with soft light is more conducive to its growth.

Smaller Leaves

Peace Lily likes nondirect light. Peace Lily lacks light for photosynthesis, resulting in smaller leaves than normal. We should pay attention to giving it sufficient light for photosynthesis when propagating peace lily.

No Blooms

Lack of light is an important reason why peace Lily will not bloom. If the light is not enough, the growth of peace Lily will be limited and even grow in vain. However, the flower buds will differentiate. Without enough light, there will be a phenomenon of back buds, and the flower buds can not differentiate seriously. Of course, if you can't see the buds, you can't bloom. Therefore, it is better to breed peace lily on the balcony on the south side to ensure the light time so that the flowers can bloom better.


Do Peace Lilies Require a Lot of Light?

Peace lilies do not need a lot of sunlight. Appropriate indirect light can promote the photosynthesis of Lily and help its growth; If peace lilies does not have sufficient light and is in a shady environment for a long time, the flowering period of peace lilies will be affected and the flowers will appear "malnourished". Nevertheless, peace lilies can't stand strong light, because the flowers and leaves are delicate and easy to burn; In addition, strong light means that the temperature is too high, and peace lilies will cause growth stagnation when the temperature exceeds 25 ℃.

Can Peace Lily Survive in Low Light?

Peace lilies is a kind of plant that likes nondirect light. It needs enough sunlight from breeding flower buds to blooming. The giving of light can promote flowering as soon as possible. If there is no sunshine, peace lilies has been in a dark place without sunshine for a long time, which can not promote flower bud germination, flowers can not be bred, and it is even more difficult to bloom. Therefore, sunshine is an indispensable factor in order to produce large and beautiful flowers. However, with sufficient sunshine, it may not blossom normally, and it will be affected by many factors. Therefore, if we want peace lilies to blossom smoothly, we need careful maintenance.

What if There Are No Windows in the Room?

If your room has no windows, it's best not to put lilies in the room for maintenance. Peace lily has a strong aroma, which may make people uncomfortable after smelling for a long time. If we want to take care of peace lily, don't put it on the bedroom or table. Moreover, regular ventilation is very important. (Read More: How to Repot A Peace Lily)