Peace Lily care guide

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Oct 29 2021

Peace Lily care guide

Peace Lily wilting is mostly caused by too much light. In summer, it is necessary to give peace Lily shade. Long-term water shortage will also lead to wilting, and timely watering should be done during maintenance.

Peace Lily is a flower that grows in many families. But many people don't know why the flowers in peace lily turn green. Peace Lily's flowers turn green for two reasons, one is natural and the other is improper maintenance. The natural cause is too much chlorophyll in the late flowering period, which causes the flowers to turn green.Improper curing is divided into two points, one is insufficient light, the other is insufficient fertilization.

Peace Lily
Peace lily is one of the plants that can grow in water

Peace Lily wilting care

1. Adjust illumination for Peace Lily

Peace Lily is more shade-loving. In addition to the need to properly enhance the light when flowering, the rest of the time should be placed in the position of no direct light. If the light is too strong, you need to move to the shade maintenance. Wecan give leaves and flowers spray water to alleviate the wilt state.

2. Timely watering for Peace Lily

Peace Lily needs a lot of water for its growth, so it often needs to be watered. If it is too dry for a long time, it will easily cause the flowers and leaves of peace Lily to wither. If there is a lack of water, it should be watered in time, but not too much water at a time, otherwise the root will rot.

3. Change basin soil for Peace Lily

Peace Lily needs to replace the soil in the basin on a regular basis. If the soil is not changed for a long time, the nutrients in the soil in the basin will run out and easily become rigid, which will make the root unable to absorb water and nutrients normally and cause the peace Lily flower to wither. In this case, the soil in the basin should be replaced in time.

4.Indoor insulation for Peace Lily

When Peace Lily blossoms, the temperature is generally appropriate, but if the temperature is too low at night, it will also affect Peace Lily. If the temperature is too low, the peace Lily flower will wither, just move it to the room at night for curing.

Peace Lily
Peace Lily - Most Common House Plant

Flowers of Peace Lily turn green care

1. Peace Lily flowers turn green naturally

Many people do not know how the flowers of Peace Lily turn green, but it is very simple. In general, peace Lily's flower color turns green. If it is in the later stage of flowering, it is a natural phenomenon. In the later stage of the flower, various trace elements will be concentrated on the new bud. In order for the new flower to bloom, the chlorophyll at this time reaches the highest level, which will lead to the green of the flower. At this time, you only need to cut off the green flowers, stems and leaves.

2.Sufficient light for Peace Lily

Attention should also be paid to non-natural phenomena, which may be caused by improper maintenance. If peace Lily is often placed in a hidden place without enough light time, it will increase the chlorophyll of the flowers and make the flowers turn green. At this time, it is necessary to move the peace Lily to a place with good light for 6 hours a day. It should be noted that it should not be exposed to strong light.

3. Sufficient fertilizer for Peace Lily

Peace Lily has a great demand for nutrients during flowering, so it is necessary to fertilize the plant regularly to ensure the normal growth of the plant. If the nutrients are not up to the requirements, the flowers will turn green.It needs to be fertilized regularly at this time. Generally, it needs to be fertilized once a week during its growing period. Spring and Autumn is the best season for fertilization. It is better to use the special liquid compound fertilizer of Peace Lily to make up the nutrients that Peace Lily lacks.

Peace Lily

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