When to Plant Hollyhock Seeds

Written by LisaSmith

Dec 02 2021

When to Plant Hollyhock Seeds
Hollyhocks usually grow from seed, but when to plant hollyhock seeds is better for plant growth. First, we should know that hollyhocks are biennials or short-lived perennials, which means that it needs two years to finish the life cycle. During the first year, the hollyhock plant seeds germinate, grow a root system and a rosette of leaves. In the second year, flowering stems emerge, and hollyhock flowers bloom. If growing conditions are proper and the plant is adaptable, Hollyhocks can often live for more than two years. In different growing conditions, we can plant hollyhock seeds at different times in different places.

Time to Plant Hollyhocks Seeds

There are two times of year to plant hollyhocks seeds outdoors or indoors: spring and fall. In gardening zones 6 through 8, plant hollyhock seeds from February through March or September through October when the temperature is around 59 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (15 °C to 20°C) in order to germinate. After a week, seeds will germinate gradually.
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Plant Seed in Spring Better or in Fall Better

It is better to plant hollyhock seeds in fall after the seeds are ripe (2-3 weeks after flowering in summer). You can harvest the seeds and directly plant these seeds outdoors or indoors. If you choose to plant in spring, good storage is required for better germination rate.

Meanwhile, If planted from February through March in spring, the hollyhocks may bloom in summer in the same year under proper growing conditions. However, they will more likely bloom in the next summer, which means it will take one and a half years to bloom the first time. Since most hollyhocks are biennials, the plants will likely only bloom once in whole life cycle if planting hollyhock seeds in spring. While planting seeds in fall, the hollyhocks may survive for three years and bloom twice.

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Tips on Planting Hollyhock Seeds

Hollyhock seeds do best in rich, well-drained soil, so be sure to amend the garden soil. They need full, bright sunlight too, so make sure that the spot chosen for your hollyhocks will receive at least six hours of direct sunshine daily.  

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