Where to Plant Hollyhocks

Written by LisaSmith

Dec 02 2021

Where to Plant Hollyhocks
The hollyhock is a bit larger than other potted plants, making it a good garden plant. If growing in your garden, find a sunny and well-draining spot that makes sure it gets at least six hours of light a day. Hollyhock plant is far taller than most of the plants in the garden, so they are the first to suffer when it rains or blows. To protect the Hollyhock from the weather, it is best to plant the Hollyhock near a wall or in a corner of a fenced garden. You can also plant the Hollyhock with other plants of similar height. It can grow up to 2 meters tall.

If you don't have a courtyard at home, you can also grow it in containers or pots putting on the balcony with sufficient light. Hollyhock flowers are resistant to shade, you can also put the plants in the sitting room of scattering light if that space is enough though its flowers may be smaller and less brightly colored without sufficient light. 

Hollyhocks can adapt to a wide variety of climates and environments, the plant is sure to thrive if the conditions necessary for its growth are met.

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