How to Grow Hollyhocks from Seeds Step by Step

Written by LisaSmith

Dec 02 2021

How to Grow Hollyhocks from Seeds Step by Step
Hollyhocks usually grow from seed, which need two years to finish the life cycle. During the first year, the hollyhock plant seeds germinate, grow a root system and a rosette of leaves. In the second year, flowering stems emerge, and hollyhock flowers bloom. 

Before growing hollyhocks from seeds step by step, you can read the following guides first:
  • How to Harvest Hollyhock Seeds: When the seed pods turn black in the middle, the edge is yellow, and the bracts are yellowish-green, it's time to harvest the hollyhock seeds ((usually in late summer or early fall).
  • When to Plant Hollyhock Seeds: There are two times of year to plant hollyhocks seeds outdoors or indoors: spring and fall. It is better to plant hollyhock seeds in fall.
  • Where to Plant Hollyhocks: It is best to plant the Hollyhock near a wall or in a corner of a fenced garden. You can also plant the Hollyhock with other plants of similar height. Hollyhocks can grow up to 2 meters tall.

Prepare High Quality Hollyhock Seeds

Pick up plump hollyhock seeds while exclude shriveled ones. Good quality seed is an effective guarantee of successful planting. After preparing seeds, in order to improve germination rate, you can soak the seeds in warm water in advance, wait for seeds to be picked up gradually after bibulous expansion, spray the right amount of disinfectant treatment to the above, and put it in a cool environment to dry.
Hollyhock seeds

Prepare Soil & Pot for Hollyhock Seed Planting

Prepare a medium sized breathable pot before planting. The hollyhock plant isn’t strict on soil requirements, while sandy soil rich in organic matter is best. The mixed soil of rotting leaf soil, peat soil and rotten bark can also be selected as the cultivation soil. Before planting, the proper amount of organic fertilizer should be applied evenly, and then the proper amount of superphosphate and decomposed organic fertilizer solution should be added. The soil should be turned after watering.

Plant Hollyhock Seeds

Hollyhock seeds are large and have a high germination rate, so it's best to plant each seed separately. Spread the dried seeds evenly over the surface of the soil and cover with a small amount of soil to make sure they are covered. Hollyhock seeds should be planted at a depth of 0.5 and 1 cm.

Proper Care for Seed Germination & Seedling

After sowing, water the hollyhock seeds properly to provide enough moisture. Temperature can be stable at about 22 degrees. During the curing period, under the conditions of light, adequate moisture and suitable temperature, the hollyhock seeds are easy to germinate, about 1 ~ 2 weeks later. After the seeds germinate and grow leaves, the hollyhock plants need to be given adequate water and appropriate fertilizer. At the beginning, an appropriate amount of thin nitrogen fertilizer can be applied to promote the growth of young buds and leaves. You can place the potted hollyhock plants next to a sunny window. Please read here for more hollyhock plant care guide.
hollyhock seedlings

Transplanting Hollyhock Seedlings

When the hollyhock seedlings grow 3 or 5 true leaves, they can be transplanted outdoor garden. 

Find a sunny and well-draining spot that makes sure it gets at least six hours of light a day. It is best to plant the Hollyhock near a wall or in a corner of a fenced garden. You can also plant the Hollyhock with other plants of similar height. 

Take the hollyhock seedlings out from the pot, clean rotten roots, old roots, dead roots, remove yellow branches and leaves, then transplant seedlings into the soil. Each Hollyhock plant should be kept between 30 and 60 cm apart. Make sure to give proper water after transplantation and weed control regularly. 

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