Are Hollyhocks Perennials

Written by LisaSmith

Nov 22 2021

Are Hollyhocks Perennials
Hollyhocks are biennials or short-lived perennials, which means that it needs two years to finish the life cycle. During the first year, the hollyhock plant sees germinate, grow a root system and a rosette of leaves. In the second year, flowering stems emerge, and hollyhock flowers bloom. If growing conditions are proper and the plant is adaptable, Hollyhocks can often live for more than two years. 

Do hollyhocks come back every year?
Hollyhock is capable of self-seeding and producing a large crop of its own next year. You can harvest the seeds in the fall when they are ripe. If the previous Hollyhock plant is doing well, you can plant the seeds in the same spot or wait for the seeds to fall into the ground by themselves. Seeds sown in autumn will germinate in the next spring after winter and bloom in the next summer.

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