When Do Hollyhocks Bloom

Written by LisaSmith

Dec 02 2021

When Do Hollyhocks Bloom
The Hollyhock is a long-blooming summer bloomer with numerous flowers on tall spikes. Hollyhock flowers are racemes with single or unripe petals. They come in a variety of colors from whites, yellows, pinks, reds, lavender to midnight purple almost black. Blossoms are 2 to 5 inches across.  Generally, Hollyhock will bloom the first year if growing from cuttings. If it is propagated from seed, it will not bloom until the next year. With proper maintenance, its flowering period can be extended. For more hollyhock blossoms, pinch out the growing tips once or twice early in the growing season. This will result in shorter plants with more flowering stalks. Here are hollyhock care tips for more blossoms and a longer flowering period.
  • Fertilize Thoroughly
Hollyhock flowering takes a lot of nutrients, so we can give hollyhock abundant fertilizer a month before flowering. The thin phosphorus fertilizer is given priority, thus can promote more hollyhock blossoms. When flowering, reduce the concentration of phosphorus fertilizer appropriately and apply potassium dihydrogen phosphate every other month.
  • Enough Water
Hollyhock plant loves to grow in a wet environment, especially in the flowering stage. Adequate water supply to hollyhocks can promote flowering. Therefore, we can water it every 3 days or so in the flowering stage, and drainage measures should be taken in the rainy season.
  • Temperature Control
Although the heat resistance of the Hollyhock plant is very strong,  the opening flowers are more delicate and charming. The temperature is controlled at about 25℃, Hollyhock flowers bloom vigorously in such an appropriate temperature environment.

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