How to grow and care for Cyclamen persicum Mill

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to grow and care for Cyclamen persicum Mill

Cyclamen persicum Mill is a traditional potted plant in Chinese festivals due to its unique plant shape and various flower shapes. It is very popular among consumers. Cyclamen persicum Mill is commonly planted in courtyards and indoors. So how to grow Cyclamen persicum Mill? What should be paid attention to when growing Cyclamen persicum Mill? Please read it down with me with your questions!

Cyclamen persicum Mill

Cyclamen persicum Mill Growing Basic Tips:

  • Best propagation time: The best sowing time of cyclamen persicum mill is in early September.
  • The best growing soil: Cyclamen persicum Mill flowerpot soil is fertile sandy loam with more humus.
  • Growing humidity requirements: Cyclamen persicum Mill humidity should be maintained at 60{bf}~70{bf}.
  • Optimum growth temperature: Cyclamen persicum Mill is suitable for growing at about 20°C during the day and 10°C at night. The room temperature above 5°C can make cyclamen grow normally.
  • Optimal growth light: Cyclamen persicum Mill should be placed on windowsills, balconies and other sunny places for maintenance. And often change the position of the flowerpot. Although Cyclamen persicum Mill belongs to a relatively shade-tolerant primula family plant, insufficient light for a long time can easily make the leaves of Cyclamen persicum Mill yellow.

Precautions for Growing Cyclamen Persicum Mill:

Fertilizer application: Cyclamen persicum Mill is a fertilizer-loving plant. Topdressing 2‰ potassium dihydrogen phosphate once a year in spring and autumn, avoiding applying high-nitrogen fertilizers.

Watering points: Cyclamen persicum Mill is a plant that loves moisture and is afraid of waterlogging. Excessive water is not conducive to its growth and development, and even causes root rot and death. Therefore, watering should be properly controlled, and the flowers and leaves should be slightly wilted before watering. Keep the soil moist every day, and the amount of water should not be too large. Watering can also be done by soaking the bottom of the basin.

Pruning essentials: Cyclamen persicum Mill needs to be pruned in time to remove the broken leaves, so as not to affect the appearance.

Pot soil replacement: Cyclamen persicum Mill replaces the pot soil once a year.

Cyclamen persicum Mill

Cyclamen Persicum Mill Propagation

Cyclamen persicum Mill uses the sowing propagation method.

1. 1 to 3 weeks after sowing. Cyclamen persicum Mill usually takes about 14 to 16 weeks from seeding to potting. The first 3 weeks need to be spent in the nursery room. At this time, it should be noted that Cyclamen persicum Mill maintains a constant temperature of 18°C, humidity and darkness of 90{bf}, so that the seedlings emerge quickly and neatly.

2. 4 to 7 weeks after sowing. After 3 weeks, the newly budding Cyclamen persicum Mill seedlings should be moved out of the nursery room and placed in the greenhouse. At this time, the seedlings need a temperature of 18°C ​​to 20°C, a humidity of about 90{bf} and a light of about 5000lux. During this period, pay attention to check the growth status of the seedlings every day to ensure the growth conditions required by the seedlings. In addition, if there are seedlings unearthed with caps, take off the caps in time to avoid affecting the growth of their cotyledons.

Pest Control of Cyclamen Persicum Mill:

  • 1. Yellow flower disease. Because Cyclamen persicum Mill is not tolerant to high temperatures, it is dormant in summer, so all the leaves are withered and yellowed when entering summer, and only the bulbs survive. At this time, for maintenance, watering should be reduced, fertilization should be stopped, and it should be kept in a ventilated and cool place. A certain air humidity is enough. Spray water to the ground for humidification. The pot soil can only be watered once in a few days. Never rain or water normally.
  • 2. Aphids. Control method: spraying Wanling and other aphids are effective. If there are thrips in the flowers, the right medicine is also prescribed, and the effect is better.
  • 3. Starscream. Control method: spray with neutral detergent 300-400 times liquid or 20{bf} dicofol 1000 times liquid to eliminate red spiders.

Cyclamen persicum Mill

Cyclamen Persicum Mill Growing Tips:

  • 1. Too little humidity will make Cyclamen persicum Mill smaller, and too much humidity will cause gray mold and other fungal diseases on petals and leaves. It is strictly forbidden to spray water on the petals, otherwise the petals will rot.
  • 2. Cyclamen persicum Mill likes to ventilate. Smoke and dirty air will make the petals dry and wither, but they cannot be placed directly at the air outlet.