How to maintain Cyclamen persicum Mill bulb in summer

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

How to maintain Cyclamen persicum Mill bulb in summer

During the summer dormancy of Cyclamen Persicum Mill, the roots need to be moved to a cool, ventilated place to maintain them well.Give it plenty of light, control the amount of watering, and keep the soil moist during curing.During dormancy, stop fertilizing Cyclamen Persicum Mill, and later, when Cyclamen Persicum Mill returns to growth, give it plenty of light, water, and fertilizer.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill

1.Control the temperature for Cyclamen Persicum Mill

Cyclamen Persicum Mill prefers cool climate and does not tolerate high temperatures.Cyclamen Persicum Mill goes into dormancy during the summer when temperatures are high and above 30 degrees.Cyclamen Persicum Mill saves nutrients by removing its yellowing and wilting leaves after summer dormancy.After disposing of the blades, they can be moved to a cool and ventilated place for curing.

2. Suitable light for Cyclamen Persicum Mill

There is too much light during the summer, and after the Cyclamen Persicum Mill dormancy in the summer, it needs to be moved to a warm room for curing.Cyclamen Persicum Mill is not fast in the sun, and if you raise it outside, Cyclamen Persicum Mill will burn.During the summer, put the Cyclamen Persicum Mill in a well-ventilated indoor location. Windows should be opened frequently during curing to keep indoor air circulation.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill

3. Control water for Cyclamen Persicum Mill

After the Cyclamen Persicum Mill dormancy, you need to control the water, but make sure the Cyclamen Persicum Mill root has enough water.During the curing period, according to the dry and wet condition of the basin soil, the right amount of water to ensure that the soil is slightly moist.Later in the season, the temperature drops, and in autumn, Cyclamen Persicum Mill returns to growth, giving it enough water to grow healthily.

4. Fertilizer for Cyclamen Persicum Mill

Be careful not to fertilize Cyclamen Persicum Mill during summer dormancy, as this will burn the root system and cause the bulb to rot.During the curing period, only the right amount of water is needed, and after the autumn Cyclamen Persicum Mill is in the growth period, sufficient fertilizer can be given.During curing, keep the environment ventilated to avoid Cyclamen Persicum Mill infestation.

Cyclamen Persicum Mill