What is Cyclamen persicum Mill

Written by Maggie

Jan 26 2021

What is Cyclamen persicum Mill

Cyclamen persicum Mill. is a perennial herb. The leaves are heart-shaped, oval or kidney-shaped. The leaves are serrated, green with white or gray spots, green or dark red on the back, slender petioles, reddish brown. Cyclamen persicum Mill. is a commonly grown flower, suitable for indoor planting, but in winter it needs to be grown in a greenhouse. Some cultivars of Cyclamen persicum Mill. have a strong aroma, while some have a weak or no aroma. Cyclamen persicum Mill. is the city flower of Qingzhou City, Shandong Province, and the mascot of the 43rd World Table Tennis Championships held in Tianjin in 1995.

Cyclamen persicum Mill. picture

Cyclamen persicum Mill.

Cyclamen persicum Mill. Morphological characteristics

Cyclamen persicum Mill. is a perennial herb. The tubers are oblate, usually 4-5 cm in diameter, with corky skin, brown, and slightly flattened at the top. The leaves and scapes are drawn from the top of the tuber at the same time; the petiole is 5-18 cm long; the leaves are heart-shaped ovoid, 3-14 cm in diameter, slightly sharp at the apex, with fine crenels on the edge, and dark green on the top. There are light markings. Some botanists believe that the variegated color on the leaves is a natural destructive camouflage to protect against animal damage.

Cyclamen persicum Mill.’s Scape is 15-20 cm high, not curling when fruit; calyx usually split to base, lobes is triangular or oblong triangle, entire; corolla is white or rose red, dark purple throat, nearly hemispherical tube, Lobes oblong-lanceolate, slightly sharp, without ears at the base, 3.5-5 times longer than the tube, reflexed violently.

Cyclamen persicum Mill. Growth habit

Cyclamen persicum Mill. loves warmth and is afraid of heat. It grows best in a cool environment and in a fertile sandy loam rich in humus. More cold-resistant, can withstand 0℃ low temperature without freezing. The growing season is from autumn to spring in the second year. Summer is semi-dormant. The suitable growth temperature in winter is between 12~16℃. It should not exceed 18~22℃ when promoting flowering. Plants above 0℃ will enter dormancy, above 35℃ Plants are easy to rot and die, and can tolerate low temperatures in winter, but grow slowly below 5°C, with dim flower color and few flowering. Adding carbon dioxide gas in winter can promote growth and flowering. During the growth period, an environment with humid air and sufficient sunshine is required.

Cyclamen persicum Mill. Distribution

Cyclamen persicum Mill. Originated in Greece, Syria, Lebanon and other places; now it is widely cultivated

Cyclamen persicum Mill.