Cyclamen persicum Mill profile

Written by Maggie

Mar 11 2021

Cyclamen persicum Mill profile

Cyclamen persicum Mill originates from Greece, Tunisia and other countries in the Mediterranean region. With unique plant shapes, bright colors and diverse flower shapes, it is a traditional potted plant for Christmas in Europe and America, New Year's Day, and Spring Festival in China. The market demand is large and it is also the main type of potted plant in the world.

Cyclamen persicum Mill picture

Cyclamen persicum Mill morphological characteristics

Cyclamen persicum Mill is a perennial herb. The tuber is oblate, the leaves are born at the top of the tuber, and the leaves are heart-shaped and green. The flowers are solitary on long pedicels, drooping, and the petals are curled up like rabbit ears.

Cyclamen persicum Mill distribution range

Cyclamen persicum Mill is originally produced in Greece, Syria, Lebanon and other places. It is now widely cultivated. There are many horticultural varieties such as white, red, purple, and double petals; most of them are cultivated in greenhouses throughout my country.

Cyclamen persicum Mill

Cyclamen persicum Mill main value

The flower-filled cyclamen persicum mill is very popular. It is used to decorate living rooms, desks, shops, restaurants, etc. It is colorful and fascinating. In Europe and America, it is also a Christmas gift for relatives and friends.

Cyclamen persicum Mill ecological habits

Cyclamen persicum Mill likes a cool, semi-shady environment. It grows from autumn to spring and is dormant in summer. The suitable temperature is 5~10℃ in winter, and should not exceed 30℃ in summer. Good drainage is required, soil containing humus and calcareous matter. Use gravel as a bottom for potted plants to facilitate drainage.

Cyclamen persicum Mill