Radermachera hainanensis caring tips

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

Radermachera hainanensis caring tips

Radermachera hainanensis is a common leaf-watching plant. However, How to care for the Radermachera hainanensis leaf wilt and yellowing during growing? Let's take a look of some Radermachera hainanensis caring tips.

Radermachera hainanensis

How to care for Radermachera hainanensis leaf yellowing

1. Treat insect pests

Radermachera hainanensis leaves become yellow and are likely to suffer attacks to pests, observing whether there is a bug on the surface. Once found a bug, if the quantity is less, we can use transparent adhesive surface larvae. If the quantity is large, the robot can be purchased in a pharmacy lice spirit powder treatment, spraying is completed, and placed in a ventilated place.

2. Place astigmatism

It is also possible that the yellowing of the Radermachera Hainanensis leaves may be caused by too long illumination time or placed in the direct sunlight. It is better to place the astigative balcony to allow it to receive mild illumination. In summer, avoid placing it around air conditioners.

3. Enhance ventilation

Long-term closed environments will also lead to yellowing of radermachera hainanensis leaves. At this time, frequent window ventilation is needed to ensure air fluidity and let radermachera Hainanensis absorb fresh air. After a few days of quiet time, the leaves will gradually return to normal.

4. Trim the leaves

In order to avoid the waste of nutrients and water, some severely dry leaves must be pruned off. These nutrients can be absorbed by normal leaves, then watered and placed in a ventilated place and quietly waited for several days. Then, the Radermachera Hainanensis will grow new leaves, followed by normal maintenance.

Radermachera hainanensis

How to care for Radermachera hainanensis leaf wilt

1. Proper soil

Knowing how Radermachera hainanensis leaves wilt, the method of curing was better paid attention to. Radermachera hainanensis likes to grow in loose and fertile soil. It is necessary to have good drainage and permeability when preparing basin soil. It can be prepared with peat soil, perlite and vermiculite, or mixed with rotten leaf soil and river sand, and some organic fertilizer can be added into the soil as basal fertilizer during preparation.

2. Water properly

Radermachera hainanensis prefers a wet environment and is afraid of drying. In addition to watering to keep the soil slightly moist, it is also necessary to regularly spray moisture to the plants of Radermachera hainanensis, which is more conducive to the growth of plants. There is no special rule for watering in four seasons. When the soil starts to dry out, water it thoroughly. Therefore, we should observe the condition of the soil in the basin during curing.

3. The light is good

Light loving Radermachera hainanensis can be slightly shading tolerant, and it is best to give it sufficient light during maintenance, but in summer, it is best not to expose Radermachera hainanensis to direct light to avoid burning leaves. When winter is indoors overwintering, we had better put plants in indoor and sunny places to fill light.

4. Control the temperature

Radermachera hainanensis likes warm environments, and the temperature suitable for it to grow in the daytime is between 18 ℃ and 21℃. In summer when the temperature is too high, it is better to move it to a cool and ventilated place for curing and spending the summer. In winter, the indoor curing temperature had better be around 10℃, which is more conducive to the growth of plants.

5. Apply fertilizer rationally

The growth rate of Radermachera hainanensis is relatively fast. In the growing period, sufficient nutrients are needed to keep it in good growth. Thin fertilizer water can be applied every half a month.

Radermachera hainanensis