How to propagate Radermachera Hainanensis

Written by Maggie

Feb 07 2021

How to propagate Radermachera Hainanensis

Radermachera Hainanensis is a tall tree with high ornamental value. It will bloom beautiful flowers and have a long flower period. How to propagate Radermachera Hainanensis. Let’s take a look!

Radermachera Hainanensis

Seed propagation of Radermachera Hainanensis

1. At the end of December, we wait until the radermachera hainanensis fruit has cracked and the seeds are ripe, then we can collect the long strips of fruit. The fruit is dried, then the winged seeds are removed from the inside and rubbed by hand to remove the membranous wing fragments. The remaining seeds are dried and stored until the following spring, when they can be sown.

To plant, first soak them in water for two or three hours, then mix them with wet sand. Then spread them out in large pots in the shed to keep the seeds and sand moist, and in the process to keep them from mildew, until they are ready to be planted in the ground.

3. The stored seeds can also be soaked in water for three to four hours in March or April, then slightly dried, mixed with wet sand and placed on a bed, covered with a thin layer of soil, then covered with plastic film to protect them from moisture. When the seedlings have grown, the film can be lifted off and a shed built for shade.

Radermachera Hainanensis

Cutting propagation of Radermachera Hainanensis

Cuttings of Radermachera Hainanensis can be carried out from April to August every year. Firstly, healthy branches can be selected, and more than 3 ~ 4 sections of branches can be cut as cuttings. At the same time, partial leaves of cuttings should be removed, and only 2 upper shaped leaves should be kept.

The cuttings are then inserted into the river sand or perlite matrix. After the cuttings are inserted, the leaves need to be sprayed with water frequently to keep the matrix moist. Generally, after the cuttings, the ambient temperature needs to be maintained at 20-30℃, and the roots can be taken in 2-3 weeks.

Plant division propagation method of Radermachera Hainanensis

The radermachera Hainanensis branch can be combined in the spring when the basin is changed. Firstly, Radermachera Hainanensis is taken out from the pot, and the plant is divided into several small clumps. Attention should be paid to the shearing process to avoid injuring the root system.

After the separation, divide the plants directly into pot plants, and then place the pots in a cool place to conserve.

Radermachera Hainanensis