How to Propagate Siam Tulip

Written by Maggie

Oct 19 2021

How to Propagate Siam Tulip

Siam Tulip can be propagated by sowing seeds, and the soil air should be kept moist. Siam Tulip can also be propagated by taking out the bulbs from the soil after the flowering period, or by dividing the bulbs into several for propagation. During the propagation process, try not to propagate in rainy days, summer or winter. The following are details of propagation methods of Siam Tulip. 

Siam Tulip

Siam Tulip Propagation from Seed

Siam tulip is a perennial herb, which has many different propagation methods. Usually, you can buy it from a flower shop and make pot soil with a mixture of leaf rot soil, sandy soil and garden soil. Sow the seeds of siam tulip into pot soil, keep the soil and air moist, and wait patiently for the seeds to take root and germinate.

Siam Tulip Propagation from Bulb

After the flowering period, the branches and leaves of Siam Tulip will gradually turn yellow. At this time, the branches, leaves and roots can be cut off to keep the root balls of Siam Tulip. The soil still needs to be re-prepared.

Propagation Time

After the flowering period, the seed balls of Siam Tulip can be taken out from the soil, and then the seed balls can be disinfected with carbendazim. After the seed balls are dried, they can be kept in the sand and wait for sowing prppagation in January to June of the next year.

Soil Preparation 

In fact, Siam Tulip does not have high requirements for soil, as long as the soil is not too sticky. It can be directly mixed with leaf rot soil, sand soil and organic fertilizer to make basin soil. It can also put small stones at the bottom of the soil to drain the soil and avoid the phenomenon of water accumulation.

Siam Tulip

Planting Siam Tulip

If Siam Tulip balls are planted in the soil, the soil should be kept slightly wet, and the temperature should be controlled at about 28 ~ 32℃. If it is rainy, drainage measures should be taken, and the balls should be placed in an astigmatism environment. After waiting patiently for 1 to 2 months, they will take root and sprout again.

Siam Tulip Ball-splitting Propagation 

In fact, from January to June, siam tulip bulbs propagation can also be taken out from the soil, and then divided into two or three plants, Siam Tulip bulbs disinfection treatment, respectively planted in different soil, so that the Siam Tulip bulbs can re-root and germinate in the soil.

Siam Tulip Tissue Culture Propagation

A proper amount of substances such as rooting medium and sucrose can be added to the soil to plant Siam Tulip near the root into the substrate. The temperature should be controlled at 28 ~ 32℃ and it should be placed in mild sunlight. If there is no light, tissue culture can be performed with light.

Siam Tulip Care

During the propagation process for Siam Tulip, try not to propagate in cloudy and rainy days, and also do not breed in the environment of too high or too low temperature, otherwise the seeds or balls of Siam Tulip will be difficult to take root and germinate. If the seeds or balls of Siam Tulip are taking root and germinate, do not apply fertilizer to them.

Siam Tulip