Propagation methods of Foolproof plant

Written by Maggie

Jan 07 2021

Propagation methods of Foolproof plant

Foolproof plant is bright color, and is a better indoor foliage plant. Foolproof plants are not rare in home decoration. Today we'll introduce to you the propagation methods of Foolproof plants.

Foolproof plant

Foolproof Plant division propagation method:

Division propagation method is the main method of propagating, which is suitable for family use. It is simple to operate, as long as you understand it, you can operate it correctly.

1. Foolproof plant dividing time

Foolproof plant dividing time is best in early spring in February or March, when the soil has been thawed, it is better for the growth of the plant.

2. Foolproof plant dividing method

Foolproof plant dividing step is mainly to take out the mother plant from the pot, shake off the excess soil, the coiled together as far as possible to separate the root system, with a sharp knife it cut into two or more plants, out of each plant to have a considerable root system, and the leaves of the appropriate pruning, in order to survive.

3. Foolproof plant disinfection

After finishing the division of Foolproof plant, it can be cut down to the small strains in chlorothalonil 1500 times liquid soak disinfection, five minutes after taking out cool dry, and can be on the pot. In addition, it can also be on the pot with chlorothalonil root.

4. The management after dividing the plant

Irrigate roots after dividing Foolproof plants. Because of its root system damage, water absorption ability is very weak, it will take about 3 ~ 4 weeks to restore the germination of the new root. Therefore, the points of moderation within 3 ~ 4 weeks after watering, lest roots rotted, but its leaf transpiration is not affected. In order to maintain water balance of the blade, we need foliar spray 1 ~ 3 times a day (higher injection temperature, low temperature spray spray or not). Don't fatten up during this time, either. After dividing the plant, also pay attention to the sun being too strong. It is best to put in the shade shed maintenance.

Foolproof plant

Foolproof plant transplantation method:

Foolproof plants are not difficult to propagate, but care should be taken in pot planting, so as not to damage the plant.

When planting seedlings in the pot, first put 2 ~ 3 cm thick matrix in the basin bottom, and then add the matrix, until from the basin edge about 2 ~ 3 cm. On the basin with a matrix, we can choose the following one: peat: perlite: ceramsite = 2:2:1; Or peat: vermiculite = 1:1; Or peat: slag: ceramsite = 2:2:1; Sawdust: vermiculite: medium river sand = 2:2:1. Pour a permeable water after the basin, and put in the shade environment maintenance.

Tillering propagation method of Foolproof plant

Foolproof plant pot propagation is usually carried out by tiller method, the method is as follows:

1. Cultivate tillers. 9~ October every year after the plant entering into the flowering period, the tillering will germinate from the plant base leaf axils, and the winter room temperature needs to maintain more than 15℃, so that the tillering development and growth.

2. Divide the tillering branches. When the tillering grows to the height equal to the parent plant, the segmentation can not only ensure the survival rate, and also achieve the fruit of spring cutting and autumn flowering. The division in the greenhouse can be carried out in any season as long as the temperature is 15~30℃ and the humidity is maintained. Open land division is generally carried out in spring with basin turning. Methods: the mature robust tillering from the mother plant base with a sharp knife cut, cut off the tiller base long black root tail, incision should be smooth, in order to facilitate the healing of roots.

3. The basin soil preparation. Mixed with 60% peat soil and 40% garden soil, or with leaf rot soil 1, garden soil 1, manure soil and rice chaff ash half a mixed use, to fertile, loose, slightly acidic soil is appropriate.

4. Planting tillers. The divided tillering plant in the basin, keep wet, avoid strong sunshine, temperature maintained at 20~30℃. Generally about 20 days later, it can germinate new roots.

Foolproof plants sowing propagation

Foolproof plants can get seeds after flowering, so how to propagate?  We can choose the sowing method. It's worth noting that seeds on the market are often bred to be "Foolproof" because seeds are difficult to obtain in a natural state and require manual pollination. 

Method: As with other flowers, plant seeds in the soil (a mixture of river sand, perlite and peat soil, pasteurized before sowing). After sowing, gently press, do not cover with soil, cover with plastic film or glass to moisturize. At 24-26℃, germinate in 7-14 days, and it can be transplanted after 3-4 true leaves are grown.

Foolproof plant