How to take care of a foolproof plant

Written by Maggie

Mar 17 2021

How to take care of a foolproof plant

Foolproof plant, also known as Billbergia pyramidalis, flaming torch is a kind of perennial herb, introduced in recent years as a kind of household green plant. Foolproof plant flowers and leaves have very ornamental value. Planting it in the balcony living room and other places can play a good decorative role. The following is for you to introduce growing and caring for foolproof plants.

foolproof plants

Growing foolproof plant

1. Soil: Foolproof plant does not require high soil quality, with rich humus, good drainage and ventilation of the slightly acidic sandy loam is better, but avoid calcium soil.

2. Lighting: The plant likes a half shade environment. It should be placed in the bright indoor maintenance. When growing foolproof plants in summer, we should pay attention to the appropriate shade. In winter, appropriately to supplement the light, it can be placed in the south window. In other seasons, proper direct sunlight can be given to a foolproof plant, which is conducive to the formation of flowers and buds.

3. Temperature: Foolproof plants like high temperature and humidity environments, the most suitable growth temperature is 18-30 °C. When the temperature is very high in summer, it is necessary to do a good job of ventilation and cooling. When growing foolproof plants in winter, it is necessary to ensure that the temperature of their growth environment is above 15℃. In addition, during the blooming period, it should be placed in a cool temperature, and let the pot soil dry, which can prolong the blooming time of the foolproof plant.

Growing foolproof plants in pots

Usually with garden soil, leaf rot soil and river sand equal amounts of mixture and add a small amount of base fertilizer preparation for culture soil, and we can also use as bitter medicine, cane root, bark block for pot matrix. It is an epiphytic plant with few roots. When potted, the pot should not be large or deep. Foolproof plants can be planted and there is a certain gap around it. March to October is its main growth period, and we must ensure to give sufficient moisture and higher air humidity, but the basin soil can not be too wet.

In addition to watering to keep the soil moist at ordinary times, also to plant in the center of the cylinder of water, or water around the plant, in order to maintain a higher air humidity; At the same time, wipe the leaf surface with a soft cloth to keep the leaf surface clean and bright. Foolproof plants have no high fertilizer requirements. Generally in the growth of a prosperous period every month 1-2 times of liquid fertilizer. When fertilizing, not only the liquid fertilizer should be applied to the basin soil, but also spray the foliar, and the liquid fertilizer should be poured into the center of the leaves (because its heart has a stronger absorption capacity).

foolproof plants

Foolproof plant care

If you want to care for a foolproof plant well, first of all, you should be familiar with its growth habits: warm, wet, half shade environment, not cold, a little drought tolerant. The air humidity requirement is large, avoiding strong light direct radiation, the suitable temperature for growth is 20 ~ 28℃.

During the day, the pot plant should be placed in the window of the room facing south to make it fully accept the sunlight. In the severe winter, the indoor temperature should be paid attention to, because it is not cold-proof, so it should do a good job of cold-proof and warm measures.

As the temperature rises in spring, the outdoor shade shelter can be moved to spend the summer after the basin is turned and the soil is replaced in April. Basin soil should be loose, fertile, slightly acidic soil, generally available leaf soil 1, 1 garden soil, rice chaff ash and barnyard manure soil half mixed use. If there is a spray condition, we can often maintain higher air humidity, with good drainage performance, acid peat soil for potting soil is more appropriate.

In summer, plants are in a semi-dormant state over 30℃ and cannot have strong sunlight, so they should be placed in a shade for the summer. In order to increase air humidity, the ground can often spray water several times to prevent heat and cool down.

I believe that after the introduction of growing and caring for Foolproof plants, you have a certain understanding of how to grow and care for the foolproof plant. There is also a trick to grow a well-bred plant, that is to always keep water in the leaf tube, the pot soil moist plants grow well. If there is a tube water shortage, the plant is easy to collapse.

foolproof plants