Propagation methods of Chinese evergreen

Written by Maggie

Jan 13 2021

Propagation methods of Chinese evergreen

Chinese Evergreen is a perennial evergreen herb, native to tropical Africa, the Philippines, Malaysia. How to propagate Chinese evergreen? Normally, Chinese evergreen has 3 propagation methods, division, sowing, and tissue culture. Now, let's see these three propagation methods of Chinese evergreen.

Chinese evergreen

Division propagation method of Chinese evergreen

In general, Chinese evergreen flowers won't sprout before they are definitely mature, so often man-made destruction grows, each can get 3-5 buds. After the buds are 15 cm long or so will it cut, and then inserted in the coarse sand, such as it begins to take root. It is important to note that when it's cut, apply it to the wound with charcoal ash, prevent decay. 

Sowing propagation method of Chinese evergreen

Sowing propagation method of Chinese evergreen is commonly used for propagating Chinese evergreen, but it has a difficulty, that is the need to Chinese evergreen artificial pollination. A lot of people here appear to have a problem, so we need special note: white flakes content is not, in the middle of the bumps is a flower, so the Flower is small, the flower pollen, with a clean brush daub pollination is working on the flowers. 

Tissue culture propagation method of Chinese evergreen

Although Chinese evergreen tissue culture propagation has many advantages, so far, the transformation method is not widely used at home, only will be used in the experiment. Tissue culture propagation is first planted in plastic containers, when they grow up to 4 to 5 points of the reentry after leaf plant, and then after 3-4 times in the basin of transplanting, such as seedling conventionally grown on 30 cm tall. 

The above is the introduction of chinese evergreen propagation methods.Since Chinese evergreen has a very high ornamental value, then you can grow a few plants to add interest to your life.

Chinese evergreen