How to grow Chinese evergreen

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Oct 19 2021

How to grow Chinese evergreen

Chinese evergreen is suitable to grow indoors and can be grown hydroponic. The following are details of growing Chinese evergreen indoors and Chinese evergreen hydroponic growing method.

Chinese evergreen
Chinese Evergreen - Most Common House Plant

Chinese evergreen hydroponic growing method

Chinese evergreen can be hydroponic. Take a stem with roots, clean it and put it in a transparent vase filled with river water, and put it in a ventilated and warm environment. Let the plant contact 2 to 3 hours of light every day, change water once between 5 to 7 days, repair old roots regularly and add nutrient solution, and can make hydroponic Chinese evergreen grow better. The following are Chinese evergreen hydroponic growing method.

Hydroponic cultivation of Chinese evergreen is more clean and convenient. From the potted Chinese evergreen plant,take a plant with roots of the stem, clean the root in the water, in the transparent vase into the spring or river water, Chinese evergreen in the bottle, to ensure that water can not over the root of the plant. Place the plants in a warm, ventilated environment.

Hydroponic Chinese evergreen flowers need to have enough sunshine to make it grow, but the plant is afraid of the sun, suitable for exposure to 2 ~ 3 hours of light every day, which is conducive to the rapid growth of plants and late flowering. Exposure to the sun for too long is bad for the plants. To ensure its growth temperature between 20 degrees to 30 degrees, the temperature is too low, and will make the plant grow slowly.

Hydroponics Chinese evergreen needs to change water between 5 to 7 days, and it can be appropriate to add nutrient solution, and also the old roots of the plant will be pruned off. If there are rotted roots on the water, the water needs to be changed in time. If the time is too long, the nutrients in the water will be absorbed by the plants, and the water quality will be polluted to a certain extent. If the water is not changed, the roots will not be able to absorb the nutrients, and root rot will occur.

Chinese evergreen flowers in hydroponics generally in 15 days or so on the leaves can grow normally. If the plant leaves become large and thick, smooth leaves, indicating the success of hydroponics. Later we can appropriately spray water to the leaves of the plant every day, regularly change water, repair old roots, add nutrient solution, supplement plant nutrition. Put Chinese evergreen flowers in a warm and ventilated environment.

Chinese evergreen
Chinese Evergreen is one of the plants that can grow in water

Growing Chinese evergreen indoors

Chinese evergreen flowers are suitable for indoor raising. Plants like high temperature, like wet, suitable for the balcony and window sill and other high temperature positions, and also water 2 times a day, often to spray the leaves of the plant moisture, to ensure adequate humidity. Chinese evergreen are afraid of the sun, afraid of cold, and in indoor planting, we need to avoid plants for a long time to receive light, and also do a good job of insulation in winter.

Chinese evergreen flowers are suitable for indoor growing.Chinese evergreen flowers like wet, high temperature, afraid of the sun. Indoor environment is relatively cool, suitable for growing Chinese evergreen growth. The plant is extremely wet, but it needs to be kept moist in the air and watered regularly. Chinese evergreen flowers need to have a lot of water during the growth period, the pot soil must be watered in time after dry.

Chinese evergreen flowers like a high temperature environment. During the growth period, in addition to the need to water 2 times a day, we also need to ensure that the plant growth temperature is about 30 degrees. The indoor temperature is low, you can put the plant in the position of the windowsill or balcony, but the environment of the windowsill balcony is not wet enough, you need to often spray water to the leaves, to ensure that the leaves can grow normally.

Chinese evergreen flowers for indoor maintenance, to keep the soil moist.During its growth period, the need for appropriate fertilizer, spring and autumn season need to apply fertilizer every 15 days or so. Plants grow more slowly in winter and need less fertilizer.Plants have sufficient nutrients, can ensure that the leaves are dark green, bright flowers, but also conducive to the healthy growth of plants.

Chinese evergreen leaves are long and narrow, evergreen all the year round, with beautiful appearance. Potted plants are planted indoors, which need to be placed in a warm place and avoided direct sunlight.Plants like high temperature, but not light tolerant.Plants are more afraid of cold, before the winter, the plant should be placed in a warm environment, to ensure that the temperature is above 15 degrees, in sunny weather, the right amount of light to the plant.

Chinese evergreen

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