How to care for Chinese evergreen

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

How to care for Chinese evergreen

In the growing process of Chinese evergreen, it should be placed in a warm and humid and more ventilated environment to grow, give the plant the right amount of water and adequate light, in summer and winter to do a good job of shade and cold work. During growth, if the plant is infected with leaf spot and anthrax, the residual leaves should be cut off and treated with the relevant chemicals. The following are Chinese evergreen care in daily maintenance and Chinese evergreen care when its head drying.

Chinese evergreen
Chinese Evergreen - Most Common House Plant

Soil care

Chinese evergreen like wet and afraid of flooding, the soil requirements are not high, suitable for loess or red soil to add fertilizer planting. When we care for Chinese evergreen, we should often ensure that the basin soil is wet. Chinese evergreen is afraid of wet weather, in spring and summer it needs about 15 days to water. Plant is afraid of flooding, when there is heavy rain, move it indoors, avoid the plant rain, and affect root growth.

Temperature care

Chinese evergreen is suitable for growing in a warm, moist and ventilated environment. The growth temperature in spring and autumn is about 25 degrees, winter is more than 15 degrees, the temperature below 12 degrees plants will suffer frostbite. Chinese evergreen growth needs a humid climate environment. When the summer temperature is high, evaporation is large, and we need to water around the plant, to improve the environmental humidity. (Find more air purifying house plants here.)

Light care

Chinese evergreen likes light, so it needs to be irradiated with sufficient sunlight during its growth. When we care for Chinese evergreen in the spring and autumn growth period, you can put Chinese evergreen in the outdoor full exposure to light. In summer there is more scorching sun, do a good job in shading, and pay attention to the cool and ventilated position. Plant is not cold resistant. In winter to do a good job of cold prevention.

Chinese evergreen care for having diseases

In the growth period of Chinese evergreen, if improper care, it is easy to have disease. The common diseases are leaf spot and anthracnose. If the leaves appear black or dark brown patches are leaf spots, we need to use mancozeb for treatment. Leaves appearing yellow plaque lines are the plant that got anthrax, and we need to use chlorothalonil treatment. When we care for Chinese evergreen, pharmaceuticals should be sprayed once every 7 days or so, continuously sprayed 3 ~ 4 times.

Chinese evergreen
Chinese Evergreen is one of the plants that can grow in water

Chinese evergreen care for head drying

If the temperature is not appropriate and causes Chinese evergreen head to dry, move the plant to a warm, moist and ventilated location environment. If the reason for water shortage, we need to water in time, increase the number of watering. If infected with leaf spot or anthrax, promptly cut off the diseased leaves or branches, use chemicals to control, and then move the plant to the ventilated location. The following are details of Chinese evergreen care for head drying. 

If the temperature is not suitable, the plant needs to be moved to a suitable climate. Chinese evergreen like high temperature, like humid, like half shade but not cold, suitable for growth of temperature between 25 degrees ~ 30 degrees. In winter, the temperature is not less than 13 degrees. If the temperature drops below 10 degrees, the plant will suffer frostbite and the leaves will become dry and shed in large numbers.

If the reason of water shortage leads to the head dry of Chinese evergreen, it is necessary to water in time and increase the number of watering. Chinese evergreen needs a lot of water for its growth during the growth period and summer, especially during the summer high temperature. In addition to the need to water on time, but also often to the leaves, to sprinkle water around the plant, improve the humidity of the air.

If the plant got leaf spot disease or anthrax, it also can make the head of Chinese evergreen dry. Promptly use forest manganese zinc and other agents for prevention and control. Plant in high temperature high humidity and not ventilated environment disease, mostly brown spots, with water stains, later will gradually expand and extend. When we care for Chinese evergreen, timely cut off the sick leaves or branches, use forest manganese zinc and other agents to prevent and control, 7 days or so spray 1 owe, 4 times in a row can be in addition to the disease.

If the plant got anthracnose, promptly use the source - charcoal to prevent and control gabouli. Anthrax extends from the edge of the leaf to the petiole, often with watery yellow spots, which expand and become large to yellowish brown. It is mainly caused by poor ventilation conditions. It is necessary to dispose of the diseased leaves, use agents in time to prevent and control them, and then move the plants to a warm, moist and more ventilated environment.

Chinese evergreen

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