Propagation method of Pleiospilos nelii

Written by Maggie

Sep 18 2021

Propagation method of Pleiospilos nelii

Pleiospilos nelii is a kind of succulent plant of euphorbiaceae, which has a very high degree of fleshiness in its leaves. Its appearance looks like a full gold ingot, which is full of noble spirit. Moreover, Diyu blooms very diligently. The propagation methods of Pleiospilos nelii includes sowing, division, and beheading. Next, let's look at these three propagation methods of Pleiospilos nelii.

Pleiospilos Nelii 

1. Sow propagation method of Pleiospilos Nelii 

To propagate Pleiospilos Nelii by sowing, you can buy pleiospilos nelii seeds from a florist, soak the seeds in warm water for half a day to accelerate germination, and then prepare suitable soil for growth. You can directly sow the seeds into the soil, keep the soil moist, and water the seeds appropriately, so as to make the seeds of Pleiospilos Nelii take root and sprout.

2. Beheading propagation method of Pleiospilos Nelii 

For beheading propagation of Pleiospilos Nelii, when The Pleiospilos Nelii is short of light, it will appear to grow. At this time, the over-long part can be treated, the bottom of the over-long part can be coated with root powder, the wounds of the treated mother plant can be sprayed with polybalm, and the treated part can be replanted in the soil to make it take root again.

Pleiospilos Nelii 

3. Plant division propagation method of Pleiospilos Nelii

When turning the basin and changing the soil, the Pleiospilos Nelii can be taken out of the soil, and then apply division propagation of Pleiospilos Nelii with the root, which can be prepared into suitable soil for growth, and the plants can be replanted into the suitable soil. The soil can be properly compacted and wait patiently for it to adapt to the basin soil.

4. Tips for propagating Pleiospilos Nelii

In the propagating of Pleiospilos Nelii, attention should be paid not to blindly water and fertilize them. Whether sowing seeds, cutting heads or dividing plants for propagation, they should be placed in an astigmatism environment. It is suggested to wait for the soil to dry gradually, then water it appropriately, and then fertilize it after taking root.

Pleiospilos Nelii