How to grow and care for Pleiospilos Nelii

Written by Maggie

Sep 18 2021

How to grow and care for Pleiospilos Nelii

Pleiospilos Nelii is an indoor potted flower, suited to put the place that faces the sun before the window undertakes beautification. Therefore, more and more flower lovers begin to grow it at home. Thus how to grow and care for Pleiospilos Nelii is very important for flower lovers. Today, we'll briefly introduce growing and caring tips of Pleiospilos Nelii.

Pleiospilos Nelii

How to grow Pleiospilos Nelii

Pleiospilos Nelii cultivation substrate: the basin-soil was composed of leaf rot, coarse sand, and garden soil in order of 0.5:3:0.5 by volume. It is better to add some superphosphate, the amount of which can be controlled at 0.2% of the total volume of the cultivated substrate.

Pleiospilos Nelii transplanting method: Potted, which can be transplanted directly using tillers separated from the mother plant. It is better to air dry them for half a day before planting them, so as to reduce root rot. Small flower pots can be used for cultivation containers. First put the seedlings upright, and then fill the soil slightly solid, paying attention to leave along the mouth. Then appropriate watering, in order to improve the survival rate. It is best not to apply base fertilizer. Instead of shading the Pleiospilos Nelii, it can be exposed to normal light immediately. In order to increase the interest of cultivation, it can be laid on the surface of a layer of soil about 1 cm thick gravel, so can also have the role of soil conservation.

Pleiospilos Nelii Management Points: pleiospilos nelii prefers a dry soil environment. It can be watered properly during the vigorous growth stage from autumn to the following spring, but the soil should be kept dry after the plants enter the dormant state in summer. This plant has a long dormant period, during which watering should be controlled. It does not like big fertilizer, in the vigorous growth stage, topdressing every 2-3 weeks. Top dressing should be avoided during dormancy. Pleiospilos Nelii likes strong sun and does not tolerate shade. If the planting site has poor lighting, the growth of the plant will be weaker and weaker. It likes warm, afraid of cold, in 15-25℃ temperature range growth is better. In the high temperature stage in summer, it enters the dormancy state. The overwintering temperature should not be lower than 12℃ and can withstand the short-term low temperature of -5℃. Under good management, Pleiospilos Nelii is less susceptible to disease and less susceptible to pests. Because it grows so slowly, even forming plants do not need to turn their pots every year.

Pleiospilos Nelii planting years: This plant is perennial, its shape is slow, the root system is not easy to age. The best viewing time can be up to 5-7 years after planting. For formed plants, the original pot should not be continuously planted for more than 3 years.

Pleiospilos Nelii

How to care for Pleiospilos Nelii

Pleiospilos Nelii, as a representative species of the genus Lepidopsis, should be collected and cultivated by both botanical gardens and hobbyists. For some hobbyists, the more difficult it is to grow, the more they want to grow, to reflect the skill level of the cultivator. Pleiospilos Nelii is one of the cultivators tested.

Pleiospilos Nelii is originally from South Africa. It is suitable for a cool, dry and sunny environment. It is drought resistant, afraid of water and high temperature, and slightly resistant to cold. It has the habit of growing in the cold season and hibernating in high temperatures. Therefore, the growing period of Pleiospilos Nelii should be given plenty of sunshine. In winter control watering ability to withstand 5℃ or even lower temperatures. In the summer dormant period,  pay attention to ventilation, avoid hot sun exposure and rain, and strictly control watering.

Pleiospilos Nelii is suitable for growth in loose and breathable soil with good water drainage. It can be mixed with coarse sand or vermiculite and decayed leaf soil or peat soil, and mixed with a small amount of bone powder. The biggest difficulty in cultivating Pleiospilos Nelii is that the Pleiospilos Nelii has a long dormant period, which in some places begins in late May and ends in mid-September. In the meantime the slightest neglect will rot. Besides strengthening shading and ventilation, water should be cut off completely. Old leaves are allowed to shrink, and strive to keep a pair of leaves. Resistance decreases rapidly after flowering, and although it does not die immediately after flowering, as some Species of the Genus Chlorophyll do, it can be difficult to spend the summer. Therefore, if not for the purpose of seed harvesting, the buds should be removed as soon as they appear. Three quarters of sand and one quarter of leaf mould should be used for culture soil. Propagation with sowing, seedling stage resistance is good, sometimes in the base of the lateral bud can be taken cuttings.

Pleiospilos Nelii