Lucky Bamboo care

Written by Maggie

Oct 18 2021

Lucky Bamboo care

Lucky Bamboo symbolizes prosperity, peace, prosperity and prosperity. Its stems and leaves are delicate, gentle and elegant, rich bamboo charm, deeply loved by people.How to grow Lucky Bamboo in summer and winter, and how to care for Lucky Bamboo? And I'll explain that to you.

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo - one of the best indoor trees

Growth Habits of Lucky Bamboo:

Lucky Bamboo is suitable for growth in well-drained sandy soil, semi-muddy sand and alluvial clay.

Lucky Bamboo prefers warm environment. Its temperature is suitable for 18℃~24℃. It can grow all year round. When the temperature is too low, yellowish brown patches will appear on the tip and leaf margin due to insufficient water absorption of the root system.The lowest temperature of overwintering should be above 10℃.

How to care Lucky Bamboo in summer

1. Avoid direct sunlight for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is best preserved in well-scattered places in summer to avoid direct light. It can be put in the living room with bright light or on the north balcony. Usually spray water on the leaf surface to keep it moist.

2. Prevent the Lucky Bamboo leaves from yellowing

Add ferrous sulphate solution (1:1000) to the Lucky bamboo culture bottle to prevent yellow leaves of the Lucky bamboo effectively.

3. Don't be too diligent in fertilizing

Don't fertilize Lucky Bamboo too often. About once a month, put 2-3 drops of nutrient solution or organic fertilizer into the bottle of hydroponic culture.

Lucky Bamboo is less strict in light, suitable for growth under bright scattered light.

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo is one of the plants that can grow in water

How to care the Lucky Bamboo in winter

The normal temperature of Lucky Bamboo is 22℃ ~ 25℃, which is not resistant to high temperature, while the growth is slow when the temperature exceeds 32℃. Overwintering period room temperature should adhere to more than 10℃, stop fertilization, controlled watering, and can be safe overwintering. Plant dormancy and development were suspended when the temperature was lower than 13℃. When the temperature is too low, due to lack of water uptake by the root system, the tip and leaf margin will appear yellow-brown patches.

Winter Lucky Bamboo to pay attention to cold, frost, temperature below 10℃ leaves will yellowing wilt. At this point, the soil should be dry and wet, but should not be dry, should not be too wet, to reduce watering and stop fertilization.

1. Lucky Bamboo planting site

The choice of planting site is the most important, which directly determines whether the plant can grow healthily.Although it can get a lot of sunshine in summer, it can be quite cold in winter. So it is better to keep the Lucky Bamboo indoors, near the window in the south, so as to give it more sunshine.

2.Temperature for Lucky Bamboo

For temperature, Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is also harsh. Lucky Bamboo is suitable for growing at 22℃ to 25℃. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure the temperature of its living environment even if it is put indoors.It is better to keep the temperature above 10℃, so as to let the Lucky bamboo safe winter

3. Keep Lucky Bamboo warm

Northern China is more vulnerable to freezing than southern China in winter. Therefore, it is more difficult for the Lucky Bamboo to survive the winter. Therefore, it is necessary to take comprehensive measures to prevent the cold. If it is the Lucky bamboo raised in water, it should be prevented from freezing on the surface of the water. Otherwise, the roots will be damaged.

4. Fertilization for Lucky Bamboo

Stop the fertilization of Lucky Bamboo in winter. If the leaves turn yellow, add a little compound fertilizer, because the growth is relatively slow in winter and it does not need to consume too much nutrients. Moreover, excessive fertilizers will cause the growth of the Lucky Bamboo and affect the appearance of the Lucky bamboo. If it is raised in water, only a few drops of brandy should be added in about 3 weeks.

5. Water for Lucky Bamboo

The amount of water should also be moderate, to be able to do moderate watering, especially in the winter low temperature, water will lead to ice; If it is the Lucky bamboo raised in water, it is usually replaced by fresh water once a week.

Another thing is, if you want to keep it indoors in winter, please don't put Lucky Bamboo next to TV dramas or air-conditioned hairdryers. This kind of electric appliance will dissipate heat and absorb water of Lucky Bamboo, which will cause the drying of leaves.

Lucky Bamboo

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