Lucky Bamboo care tips

Written by Maggie

Oct 18 2021

Lucky Bamboo care tips

When the leaves of the Lucky Bamboo hang down, we can reduce the light time of the Lucky Bamboo every day. The growing temperature should be controlled at 16 ~ 26℃. The soil should be diluted and not applied too much when fertilizing.

The yellow leaves of Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) cannot absorb enough nutrients, so the root should be cut into a 45-degree, and the yellow leaves should be cut off. When the light is insufficient or strong, it needs to be preserved in places with better astigmatism. When the water quality is polluted, it needs to be changed regularly to improve the water quality. When it is exposed to radiation or dried for a long time, it needs to change the position of Lucky Bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo - one of the best indoor trees

Care for Lucky Bamboo leaf sag

1. Reduce light for Lucky Bamboo

The leaves of the Lucky Bamboo are likely to hang down because the sunshine is too long or too strong. It should be placed in a well-ventilated place to avoid being exposed to the sun for a long time. In general, the Lucky Bamboo is only given full sunshine in winter, but not in other seasons.

2. Control temperature for Lucky Bamboo

It is suitable for growing at 16 ~ 26℃. If the temperature is lower than 10℃, the Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) will be transplanted to indoor heating. At ordinary times, the amount of water should be controlled.

3. Reduce fertilizer for Lucky Bamboo

If too much fertilizer is applied on the leaves of Lucky Bamboo, the fertilizer should be diluted instead of applied too much. Fertilizer should be applied once every half month in spring, summer and autumn, and once every 20 days in the growing period. Compound fertilizer can be applied, but not on the leaves with high concentration, or a little base fertilizer can be added to the soil.

4. Change the soil for Lucky Bamboo

If the soil is not changed for a long time, the leaves of the Lucky Bamboo will hang down. The soil should be changed every 2 to 3 years. You can choose loose, porous, slightly acidic soil or rural soil with rotting leaves.

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo is one of the plants that can grow in water

Care for Lucky Bamboo leaf yellowing

1. Trim the roots for Lucky Bamboo

Many friends would like to know if the Lucky bamboo leaf is still alive when it turns yellow. The yellow leaves of the Lucky Bamboo are the most common when they are just bought. They usually have no root and weak ability to absorb nutrients. It is necessary to cut the bottom of the Lucky Bamboo into a 45-degree Angle, expand the area of water absorption at the bottom, cut off the yellow leaves and preserve them carefully for 15-30 days before they return to normal.

2. Proper lighting for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo prefers to grow in a semi-dark or high temperature environment. However, if it is kept in dark or strong light for a long time, it will turn yellow.In this case, the yellowing leaves need to be cut off in time and the plant moves to a better astigmatism.

3. Improve water quality for Lucky Bamboo

Hydroponic cultivation is the most common way of Lucky Bamboo at present. In the process of aquaculture, water needs to be replaced regularly to keep the water quality clean. If you don't change the water for a long time, the bacteria in the water will accumulate too much, and the roots will suffer from poor growth due to the bacteria infection.

4. Proper placement for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo should not be placed close to TV sets, air conditioners, electric fans, etc. If it is placed in these places for a long time, its leaves will become yellow and dry due to radiation or air drying. In case of this phenomenon, the position of Lucky Bamboo should be changed in time.

Lucky Bamboo

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