Lucky bamboo profile

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Oct 29 2021

Lucky bamboo profile

Lucky Bamboo Is the agave dragon blood plant, known as Alias bamboo banana, bamboo, bamboo longevity, from the flower longevity bamboo, bamboo, rich tower, bamboo tower, tower bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo is a perennial evergreen herb with a height of up to 4 meters. Its smooth emerald stems and gorgeous leaves are widely used in cutting branches. Lucky Bamboo is mainly used as a potted ornamental plant, which is of high ornamental value and symbolizes "great prosperity". Its name is also given because its stems and leaves are very similar to bamboo leaves. It is decorated on windowsills, desks and shelves, plain and elegant, carefree and free and easy, giving people a sense of wealth and luck.

Lucky Bamboo picture

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo - one of the best indoor trees

Morphological characteristics of Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is a small perennial evergreen tree foliage plant. Plant height is 1m above, slender plant, erect upper branch. If making merchandise, artwork admire, culture height is 80~100 centimeters advisable. Rhizomes are transverse, nodular. Leaves are alternate or subopposite, papery, long lanceolate, with 3 ~ 7 main veins evident, short-stalked, thick green. The umbel has 3 ~ 10 flowers in leaf axils or opposite to upper leaves, perianth 6, corolla campanulate, purple. The berry ball is near ball, black. Its varieties include green leaves, white edges, yellow edges and silver heart. Lucky Bamboo is also known as bamboo of the last ten years. Its leaves are thick green, thriving and widely cultivated.

Lucky Bamboo growth habit

Lucky Bamboo likes dampness, high temperature, waterlogging resistance, fertility resistance and cold resistance. It is pleasant for a half shade environment, and is suitable for growth in well-drained sandy soil or semi-muddy sand and alluvial clay. The suitable growth temperature is 20-28 ℃, can withstand 2-3 ℃ low temperature, but in winter to prevent frost. Summer and autumn high temperature and wet season is very advantageous to Lucky Bamboo growth and is its best growth period .It is suitable to grow under bright scattered light because it has no strict requirements on illumination. Excessive illumination and insolation will cause the leaves to turn yellow, fade green and grow slowly.

Lucky Bamboo distribution area

The Lucky Bamboo is native to Cameroon in west Africa. In the late 1970s, it was introduced to China in large quantities for ornamental purposes. Now it is also distributed in Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Anhui, Hubei, Hunan, Shaanxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Xizang, Thailand and India.

Lucky Bamboo is mostly cultivated in gardens. It is mainly used as ornamental plants with thick stems and leaves, dark green in summer and winter. The cultivation of Lucky Bamboo begins in spring and can be harvested in mid-late December. The variety can be cultivated in loose and fertile paddy fields on sloping fields.

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo is one of the plants that can grow in water

Lucky Bamboo propagation methods

Lucky bamboo grows strongly and has strong roots. It is often used for cutting propagation, which can be carried out all year long if the temperature is suitable. General pruning without leaves stem segment for cuttings, 5-10 cm long, there had better be 3 internodes, inserted in the sand bed or half mud sand soil.In southern spring and autumn, roots and buds can spout for 25-30 days, and 35 days can be put on the plate or transplanted to the field.

The Feng Shui effect of Lucky Bamboo

The beauty of Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) cannot be separated from its auspicious name.It has slender, graceful leaves, bright green leaves, and stems that look like bamboo nodes, but are not real bamboo."Prosperity in flowers, peace in bamboo" is one of the most popular greetings in China. The bamboo stems and leaves of the Lucky Bamboo are graceful, graceful and full of bamboo charm.Lucky Bamboo management is extensive, less pests and diseases, easy to grow, and symbolizes "good luck".

1, The transport of bamboo, also known as the rich tower, bamboo tower, tower bamboo, its level strewn at intervals, noble and elegant shape, successively rising, layer upon layer of green, shaped like a pagoda;

2, Curved bamboo, also known as transport bamboo, there are spiral, heart, 8 type......And so on combination, means to turn to good luck;

3, The bamboo cage, is in the cultivation of artificial woven into the cage, take the rich touching, the bamboo cage into the water, the meaning of money;

There are four common varieties of the Lucky Bamboo, namely Gold heart, silver heart, silver border and gold edge. Different kinds have different characteristics, suit the household of different styles to serve as adornment. (Find more indoor plants for low light here.)

Lucky Bamboo

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