Lucky bamboo plant care

Written by Maggie

Oct 29 2021

Lucky bamboo plant care

Lucky bamboo leaves are soft because of a variety of reasons. And why the leaves cracks of Lucky Bamboo? Here are some tips for Lucky Bamboo care during growth.

Lucky bamboo
Lucky Bamboo - one of the best indoor trees

Care for Lucky Bamboo leaves soften

1. Re-soil for Lucky Bamboo

In the process of soil culture of Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana), if the selected soil is not permeable enough to cause root rot, the leaves will become soft.  At this time it should be good to make loose sandy soil fertile viscosity, pond silt and sand mixed soil, and then add the right amount of compost solution as a matrix. Add a small amount of sand into the pot.

2. Keep Lucky Bamboo warm

If the temperature is lower than 5℃, the leaves of the Lucky Bamboo will become soft and yellow. It is better to put them in bright scattered sunlight. If the temperature is too low in winter, artificial lighting and heating should be done to avoid frostbite.

3. Add moisture for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo likes to grow under the condition of high humidity, which can make it grow luxuriant in the environment of high humidity. If the leaves are short of water, they will turn soft and yellow. When cultivating the soil, keep the soil moist.

4. Add fertilizer for Lucky Bamboo

If there is too little fertilizer during the cultivation of Lucky Bamboo, nutrients of the plants will be lost, and leaves will become soft due to poor growth. It is better to apply fertilizer regularly. After the colonization, manure solution should be applied as basal fertilizer, and the mixture of compound fertilizer and urea should be applied once every 1 month during the growth period.

5. Strengthen ventilation for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is a warm-loving plant. If it is kept in a closed environment for a long time, its leaves will become soft and yellow, and even cause the harm of insects and diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the circulation of air.

Lucky bamboo
Lucky Bamboo is one of the plants that can grow in water

Care for the cracks of Lucky Bamboo leaves

1.Moisture for Lucky Bamboo

It is likely that the lucky bamboo leaves will split up due to lack of water. If there is not enough water for the leaves, the leaves will split up. Therefore, it is necessary to water the Lucky bamboo regularly.

Solution: If there is a lack of water caused by Lucky bamboo leaves open, we need to change the water into the right way, careful care. Generally Lucky bamboo needs to be watered once every 3 days. Due to the hot weather in summer, we need to water it in the morning and evening, and in winter Lucky bamboo will be dormant, so we need to wait for soil to dry up in the water.

2. Light for Lucky Bamboo

Although it is said that the Lucky bamboo is very fond of sunshine, it can grow more luxuriant under the sunshine, which makes it more ornamental. However, it is unable to accept the strong sunshine. The water of the Lucky bamboo leaves is quickly lost due to insufficient water supply, which results in the cracks of the Lucky bamboo leaves.

Solution: If it is caused by too much light, how to care for the cracks of the Lucky Bamboo? First, move it to a cool place for half a month, and wait for the recovery of the leaves. Then, move it to a place with astigmatism, and water it properly.

3. Environment for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is very strict to the environment. If not meeting the requirements of its environment, can lead to split leaves, Lucky bamboo needs growth of astigmatism in ventilation conditions, and is suitable for growing in 20 ~ 28 ℃. They should not be below 2 ℃, the highest no more than 38 ℃, split leaves had a lot of reasons, and a lot of flowers to ignore it.

Solution: If this is the environment problems lead to Lucky bamboo leaves cracked, it is mostly in summer and winter. In the summer shade net can be used for Lucky bamboo shade, also can prevent temperature on water blades appropriately. Lucky bamboo can be moved indoors in winter, with air conditioning, heater temperature control at 5 ℃ above, careful care to make it slowly recover. (Find more air purifying house plants here.)

Lucky bamboo

Propagation method of Lucky Bamboo

1. Cuttage method

Cuttage Lucky bamboo is best in spring. First of all, you need to prepare cutting materials, select a just picked from the mother plant stems, followed by a fertile soil, suitable for breeding lucky bamboo cutting branches best top 4 leaves, branches will immerse in potassium permanganate solution and a half hours. Three days after placing Lucky Bamboo in the shade, handling good cutting branches and leaves in the prepared soil, adequate water is ok.

2. Plant division method

There are many lucky bamboo propagation methods, and we can use separate strain methods to propagate. For a certain amount of time, there will be a lot of branches, but also with roots. We can use a knife to separate the maternal and branches, and branches grow in new fertile soil, adequate water. Do not fertilize, begin to normal after a month of aquaculture.

3. Hydroponics

Hydroponics method is a little bit more simple, and also which will reduce a lot of diseases and insect pests. First you need to eat off a mother with stem tip branches, branches at the top 4 leaves, to get rid of all the other branches, and then insert the handle good branches containers of water, as long as branches don't touch the bottom of the container. After the branch take root, every 4 days in tap water.

Care for pest control of Lucky Bamboo

1. Disease control

Lucky bamboo often suffer from the disease with anthrax, stem rot, leaf spot, root rot, etc..They will be the Lucky bamboo that poses a great threat. Whether it is the root, or leaf will be hurt, make the Lucky bamboo gradually yellow, wither slowly die. Once found that Lucky bamboo has adverse symptoms, we can reduce the amount of water, fertilizer. The Lucky bamboo moved to the ventilated place, so the disease of branches and leaves and roots rotted off all. Spray 42%g bacterial net powder 3000 times solution or 70% methyl tobuzin 1000 times.

2. Pest control

Lucky bamboo common pests are starscream, sawyer, scale insects, etc.,. Their ability to reproduce is very fast, and can absorb the nutrients inLucky bamboo leaf, the leaf curl, shrivel, finally wither death, produce waste with bacteria. They also can make the Lucky bamboo suffer from disease. If once found a pest, immediately the spray chemical kills ducking alum 800 ~ 1000 times liquid or 50% dichlorvos 600 ~ 800 times liquid, and every other week the spray time, until all pests are killed.

Lucky bamboo

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