How to grow and care Lucky Bamboo

Written by Maggie

Oct 18 2021

How to grow and care Lucky Bamboo

Growing Lucky Bamboo in the living rooms is a good choice for decoration. It is elegant and can purify the air. Lucky Bamboo gives people a fresh and elegant feeling. Let's take a look at how to grow and care for Lucky Bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo - one of the best indoor trees

How to nourish the Lucky Bamboo

First, temperature requirements: The Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is relatively cold resistant. The suitable growth temperature is 20-28 ℃, and it can withstand 2-3 ℃ low temperature. However, in winter, it needs to be frost resistant.

Second, light conditions: The Lucky Bamboo is shade - loving. It is suitable for semi-shade - loving places. It should not be exposed to strong light, otherwise it will turn yellow and grow slowly.

Third, water quality demand: When it comes to raising the Lucky Bamboo, tap water should not be used directly. Only by precipitation can the chlorine content of the water be reduced, so as to ensure the normal growth of the Lucky Bamboo.

Fourth, attention on fertilization: Lucky Bamboo is relatively resistant to fertilizer. Generally, compound fertilizers should be applied every 2-3 months. If water is used, potassium dihydrogen phosphate should be added after water is changed every 2 weeks, so as to ensure normal nutrient absorption.

Fifth, the branch ability of Lucky Bamboo is relatively poor, which is no better than other trees and flowers. Therefore, it is better to concentrate more branches and then plant them in a pot. In this way, the ornamental effect will be much better and the air purification ability will be much better.

Sixth, after taking root, to timely add a small amount of culture medium or compound fertilizer, so as to ensure the strong branches, but also can not add too much, or it will cause burning roots, generally speaking, every month fertilization can be.

Seventh, do not put the Lucky Bamboo next to TV or air conditioner, it will be easy to dry up, seriously affecting the viewing effect.

Eighth, the most suitable bottle placement time of water culture is From April to September, because this time is the easiest time for the root to survive.

Ninth, spray water to the Lucky bamboo leaf properly, especially in dry weather, so as to ensure its stretch and full-bodied.

Ten, every two weeks change the water. If not, it will cause the accumulation of bacteria in the water, and then appear the phenomenon of rotten roots.

Lucky Bamboo
Lucky Bamboo is one of the plants that can grow in water

How to grow Lucky Bamboo

1. The growth temperature, and water culture are the same. The suitable growth temperature of Lucky Bamboo is 20 to 28 degrees. However, it should be noted that the temperature should not be too low, or it will get frostbite easily.

2.Iluminative requirement: suit to be in the place of half overcast, avoid by all means is illuminated by strong light, otherwise very easy foliars become yellow wait.

3. Moist soil: Lucky Bamboo is more resistant to waterlogging and afraid of drying. Therefore, it must be kept moist. If it is too dry, the leaves will turn yellow. Generally watering should be done every 2-3 days, but you can reduce watering times in winter.

4.Often spray water to the leaf surface, in order to maintain high environmental humidity, too dry will lead to leaf surface drying.

5.The most suitable time for planting lucky bamboo pot is from April to September, which is the same as that for water culture.

6.From May to September in the growing season, granular compound fertilizers can be applied to the Lucky Bamboo basin 2-3 times per month to keep the foliage lush.

Lucky Bamboo

How to care Lucky Bamboo

1.Most of the new Lucky bamboo is cut and clipped at the root, so just take care of the water, nutrition, light and environment.

2.The Lucky Bamboo needs to go through a difficult process of adaptation. It is easy for the leaves to turn yellow, because the Lucky bamboo has not yet taken root. After the Lucky Bamboo takes root, the leaves will gradually turn green with careful nursing. So many friends see the lucky bamboo leaves turn yellow and throw them away in a hurry. It's really a pity. The leaves of the Lucky Bamboo won't turn green until it is taken root, so please pay attention to it.
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