How to propagate Lucky Bamboo

Written by Maggie

Dec 18 2020

How to propagate Lucky Bamboo

There are many Lucky bamboo propagation methods, and the survival rate is very high. At ordinary times the most commonly used is the cuttage breeding method, which is simple and easy to take root. The second is the seedling breeding method, which can take roots in the soil and water. For seed propagation, first you need to wait for the seeds to germinate, then transplant Lucky Bamboo.

Lucky Bamboo

1. Cuttage propagation of Lucky Bamboo

The Lucky Bamboo is one of the most common ornamental plants. It can be put indoors for cultivation. However, there are many methods of reproduction of Lucky bamboo.

It is possible to select the strong Lucky Bamboo in spring every year. A tender stalk about 25cm should be cut off and soaked in potassium permanganate or carbendyrum solution for half an hour. Then it can be put in a cool and ventilated place to wait for the wound to dry.

2. Seedlings propagation of Lucky Bamboo

Seedling propagation is similar to cutting propagation, but the survival rate is not as high as cutting propagation. Therefore, stalks and tasers 10cm long of Lucky Bamboos should be selected at will, and all their leaves should be removed. Then, they should be inserted into sandy soil with the temperature controlled at about 20℃.

3. Sow reproduction of Lucky Bamboo

Generally, sowing propagation is the most commonly used propagation method for most plants. First, buy the Lucky bamboo seeds, then soak the seeds in water for about half an hour, sprinkle the seeds on the soil, spray the appropriate amount of water on the soil, keep the soil quality, and wait patiently for the seeds to take root and sprout.

Lucky Bamboo

Care for Lucky bamboo reproduction 

1. Plant Lucky Bamboo in spring and autumn

There are many problems to be noticed in the propagation of Lucky bamboo branches, among which the most important one is the choice of time. The Lucky Bamboo grows all year round. It can be reproduced all year round in the south, but it is best to divide bamboo in spring and autumn in some areas.

2. Proper amount of sun exposure for Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo itself is not suitable for too much sunlight, so we don't let it bask in the sun much except in winter. It should be placed in a semi-cloudy astigmatism environment with plenty of light but not the sun shining often. If often exposed to the sun, it will reduce the rooting rate of Lucky Bamboo.

3. Water enough for Lucky Bamboo

It is necessary to keep the soil moist during soil cultivation, so as to avoid the death of the Lucky bamboo due to its drying. But in hydroponics you don't need to water it, you just need to change the water every day. Don't change the water after the roots have grown, just add a little water when the water is low.

Lucky Bamboo