How to Take Care of Guiana Chestnut Leaves Falling & Wilting

Written by Maggie

Dec 16 2021

How to Take Care of Guiana Chestnut Leaves Falling & Wilting

What's the easiest indoor tree you can grow? We can't say for certain, but Pachira Aquatica, or the Guiana chestnut, is definitely in the running. Here are some caring tips for growing Guiana Chestnut.

Guiana Chestnut
Guiana Chestnut is one of the best trees for pots

How to care for Guiana Chestnut leaves falling off

There are many reasons for the guiana chestnut leaves falling off. The only way to save them is to give them the right medicine. The details are as follows:

1. Fertilizer for Guiana Chestnut

These problems caused by overfertilization can only be solved by changing soil, repairing roots and watering. Replacing soil involves replacing the entire potted soil, then pruning away the rotting roots and replanting them. Watering dilutes the excess nutrients in the soil by watering.

2. Sun exposure for Guiana Chestnut

If you want the Guiana Chestnut to grow well, make sure it has enough light, but the extra light will make the leaves fall off. The solution is to move it to a cool, astigmatic place, water it more, and wait for the new leaves to grow and be fine. In addition, long periods in the shade can also cause the leaves to turn yellow, so proper light is best.

3. Watering for Guiana Chestnut

Watering frequently will appear as a pot water phenomenon, and the water not draining in a timely manner will let Guiana Chestnut rotten roots. After the roots have rotted the Guiana Chestnut leaves will turn yellow and fall off. Put a water-absorbing sponge on the bottom of the Guiana Chestnut potted plant, or put the loose soil in a well-ventilated place and let it dry naturally. The easiest way to do this is to change the soil.

4. Temperature for Guiana Chestnut

If the temperature is too high or too low, the Guiana Chestnut leaves will turn yellow and fall off. The solution is to transfer the Guiana Chestnut leaves to a shady place and then spray water to reduce the heat and increase the heat.

5. Lush foliage

Too luxuriant branches and leaves are not conducive to ventilation, light, over time, the leaves will shine into yellow, fall. The solution is to prune the overgrown branches. But in order not to affect the appearance, the process of pruning should pay attention to the Angle.

6. Infected bacteria of Guiana Chestnut

There are many kinds of fungus causing Guiana Chestnut leaves to turn yellow. The way to solve this problem is to spray some fungicide into the Guiana Chestnut tree. In addition, ventilation needs to be enhanced.

Guiana Chestnut

How to care for Guiana Chestnut leaves wilting

The yellowing and wilting of the Guiana Chestnut leaves may be related to the soil, light, water and fertilizer. The alkalization of the soil will cause clumping, which will affect the respiration and growth of the root system. The plant lacks light, can't photosynthesize, and leaves wilt, soften, and turn yellow. If water is insufficient, the leaves of the plant will dry up and turn yellow. If not properly fertilized, the leaves will wither and turn yellow.

1. Soil alkalization

Guiana Chestnut likes acid soil. The plants are suitable for planting and raising in sandy loam with good permeability, permeability and drainage. Long-term use of tap water to irrigate plants will cause soil alkalization and clumping, which will affect root growth and lead to yellowing and wilting of plant leaves. If the soil is alkaline, cut off the yellow leaves of the plant, give the plant ferrous sulfate solution or replace the new soil.

2. Light for Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut can be grown in a cool climate, but the plants need plenty of light during their growth, which should be good for the branches and leaves. Plants in a cool environment for a long time, insufficient light, will make the leaves wilt and soft, later will become yellow and dry. If the plant lacks light, move the plant outside to get more light.

3. Water for Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut likes wet, the plants need plenty of water during their growth to keep the soil moist. Lack of water, plants in the state of water shortage for a long time, leaves will become soft and wilt, later will dry yellow and dry. If the plant is short of water, it is necessary to supplement water to the plant in time. In the later period, it is necessary to adjust the amount of watering and water the right amount to keep the soil moist.

4. Fertilization for Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut likes fertilizer. During the growth period, we can apply a thin liquid fertilizer every 10 to 20 days, fertilizer to nitrogen and phosphorus potash mainly. Too little or too much fertilizer will make the leaves wither and turn yellow. If fertilizer is insufficient, give the plant fertilizer in time. Ff fertilizer concentration is too high, it can replace the soil.

Guiana Chestnut

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