3 Ways to Propagate Guiana Chestnut

Written by Maggie

Dec 16 2021

3 Ways to Propagate Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut common propagation methods mainly include cuttings, sowing and dividing plant. In the spring when using the cuttings from May to June, we will cut down branches. Be careful not to damage the blade above, to facilitate the photosynthesis of leaves. At the same time when propagating, put it in the shade, and often moisturize it, which can quickly take root.

Guiana Chestnut
Guiana Chestnut is one of the best trees for pots

1. Guiana Chestnut seeds propagation

Seeding is one of the Guiana Chestnut propagation methods. When mature seeds are harvested, if it is the low temperature environment in the greenhouse, keep out the cold preservation. After waiting for the weather to warm in the wet sand plant, control the temperature to 24 ℃ or so. Keep the condition moist every day, about a month or so and take root germination.

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2. Guiana Chestnut cutting propagation

When guiana chestnut carries out cutting propagation, select the germination growth and no pests and diseases of the semi-lignified branches as cuttings. Generally in the cloudy day or no wind in the morning cuttings, cut the incision position after cleaning, insert in the moist fine sand, pay attention to shade and sunscreen, often keep moist, about 20 to 28 days or so rooting.

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Guiana Chestnut

3. Guiana Chestnut division propagation

Division is also Guiana Chestnut often used as one of the guiana chestnut propagation methods. The mother plant was extracted from the soil of the basin, part of the surrounding soil was cleaned, the above stems were cut off, treated with an appropriate amount of disinfectant once, and then buried in the prepared nutrient soil, watering and moisturizing. It will take roots after a month or so.

4. Notes for propagating Guiana Chestnut

Guiana Chestnut likes growing in a warm and humid environment. The time for propagation is mainly in the spring when the temperature is suitable. When the temperature is too low, move it to the greenhouse cultivation. When cutting, we should pay attention to each branch left 1 or 2 leaves, and also can not damage the leaves, in order to benefit the photosynthesis of the leaves.

Guiana Chestnut

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