How to Take Care of the Guiana Chestnut Plant in Summer & Winter

Written by Maggie

Dec 16 2021

How to Take Care of the Guiana Chestnut Plant in Summer & Winter

Guiana Chestnut is popular among the people. Here are some caring tips for growing Guiana Chestnut in summer and winter.

Guiana Chestnut
Guiana Chestnut is one of the best trees for pots

How to Care for Guiana Chestnut in Summer

Summer is the growing season for Guiana Chestnut. Because of the high temperature and strong sunshine in the summer, some things should be paid attention to during the care of Guiana Chestnut.

Guiana Chestnut likes warm and humid environments. Summer is its growing season, the demand for fat water is very big, the temperature is not more than 30 degrees. You can give it some soured bean cake fat water or liquid fertilizer, so that it can better grow.

In summer, if the temperature is high and the amount of water is high, the watering frequency of guiana chestnut can be increased appropriately. For small Guiana chestnuts twice a week, and for large Guiana Chestnuts once a week. But we must pay attention to the soil to be dry to irrigate. At that time there will not be less water and will not die.

Guiana Chestnut is best placed in the east and west balconies with scattered light, not direct sunlight, every morning to the leaves on the water spray.

Guiana Chestnut

How to Care for Guiana Chestnut in Winter

In winter the Guiana Chestnut will begin to languish. As the temperature gradually decreases, the Guiana Chestnut leaves will gradually turn yellow and fall off, becoming no longer ornamental. How does guiana chestnut plant it in winter? The temperature is the most important part. If the temperature is too low, Guiana Chestnut will even get frostbite. As for how to deal with the frostbite over the Guiana Chestnut, it will be introduced in the future.

1. Keep Suitable Temperature

The winter season is quite cold, especially in the areas north of the Huai River, and the outdoor temperature will be much lower than the minimum Guiana Chestnut can withstand. So before winter sets in, the Guiana Chestnut will have to be moved indoors. The minimum temperature Guiana Chestnut can withstand is 5℃. If it is lower than this temperature, it will cause frostbite. The best temperature in the room is above 10℃ so as to grow normally.

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2. Maintain Humidity

Every winter the Guiana Chestnut growing rate will be much slower and the water consumption will be much less, so don't be too diligent about watering. Just keep the soil slightly moist. If the indoor temperature is above 10℃, keep the frequency of watering once a week is enough, not too much each time, just keep the soil moist.

3. Increase Light

During the winter, the amount of light is greatly reduced and the intensity of light is also sharply reduced. But the more winter the more lighting time will be increased in the Guiana Chestnut. On weekdays, the Guiana Chestnut should be placed in the room facing the sun. The leaves should also be facing the sun. If it is the back of the leaves facing the sun, the leaves will be distorted because of the photogenicity of the leaves, affecting the beauty.

4. Watch for Pests

Please pay attention to whether there are any insect pests in Guiana Chestnut during the winter. The room should be ventilated regularly. If any insect pests are found, please clear them away immediately. Some pest control medication can be sprayed, and some fertilizer can be added to stimulate the growth of Guiana Chestnut.

Guiana Chestnut

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